Not An Accidental Rise Harsh Vardhan Shringla

Dr. Dipmala Roka

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This biography of Harsh VardhanShringla, one of India’s most distinguished diplomats, and a former Foreign Secretary, describes his life and his rise to the highest position in the elite Indian Foreign Service by dint of his perseverance, determination, hard work, skill, and ability. His life and work are strongly anchored in his heritage, his culture, and his values. The two intertwined facets of Harsh Shringla—the person and the diplomat—are captured in this biography. Engaging anecdotes from his childhood and youth reveal a person who demonstrated leadership qualities and an ability to work hard behind a stoic facade. A pan-India upbringing, and an educational journey through boarding school to one of India’s best colleges, were followed by success in the civil service exam, and a remarkable career in the Indian Foreign Service. This book follows him through that path, looks at his inspiring career, and describes his work and responsibilities, as well as his contributions to India’s foreign policy in the background of India’s growth as a nation. A picture emerges of an extremely dedicated person who has persevered through every challenge, be it personal or professional, has never wavered in his commitment to doing his absolute best, and never faltered in his determination to serve his nation.

Dr. Dipmala Roka ,Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Sikkim University, Gangtok, hails from Darjeeling, North Bengal. She earned her bachelor’s degree with honours in Political Science from Lady Broabourne College, master’s degree in International Relations from Jadavpur University, and doctorate from North Bengal University. Her thesis is titled “India’s Nuclear Policy: A Constructivist Approach”. She has served the West Bengal Education Service as an Assistant Professor in Political Science at Kushmindi Government College and Gorubathan Government. Her areas of interest are IR theory, security and strategic studies, border studies, and India’s foreign policy. She has international and national publications to her credit.


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1. Early Days and Family
2. School and College
3. Early Employment and Civil Service Examination
4. Joining the Indian Foreign Service
5. Mid Level IFS
6. Joint Secretary
7. Thailand
8. Dhaka
9. Washington
10. Foreign Secretary
11. Thoughts on India’s Foreign Policy
12. Conclusion



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