India and the Gulf: A Security Perspective

Dr. Manjari Singh

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India and the Gulf: A Security Perspective offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate security dynamics that characterise the relationship between India and the Gulf nations. This timely volume brings together a holistic understanding of security paradigm in Indo-Gulf relations and provides a nuanced examination of the multifaceted aspects of security cooperation, challenges, and opportunities in this crucial geopolitical space. Often India’s relations with the Persian Gulf countries are viewed from a narrow prism of energy, economy, and expatriates, however, since the beginning of the 21st century, with New Delhi’s Neo-West Asia policy which allows it to link, connect, and engage holistically with many regional powers beyond economics and mostly on areas of strategic importance, the region has gained more interest in the strategic communities. Nevertheless, there is a lack of an overall literature on the subject.

Thus, by emphasising on various aspects of security paradigm, the book delves into intricate detailing of both conventional and unconventional aspects of New Delhi’s overall security architecture with the Gulf region. It offers multiple illustrations and data on the subject which are generally not available in a concise manner. Written in simple language and by covering the entire spectrum of India’s engagement with the Gulf, the book offers a significant contribution to the scholarly discourse on international relations, providing an in-depth analysis of the security dynamics that define the relationship between India and the Gulf nations.

Dr. Manjari Singh is currently an Assistant Professor at the Amity Institute of International Studies, Amity University, Noida. Previously she served as an Associate Fellow at Centre for Land Warfare Studies. Dr. Singh holds a doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University in West Asian/Middle Eastern Studies on Sustainable Development in Jordan. Her area of interest includes contemporary Middle East, India-Middle East relations, India-Gulf relations, India’s national security and sustainable development. She is a Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF) Fellow.

Dr. Singh has co-authored a book titled Persian Gulf 2018: India’s Relations with the Region (Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan) and has co-edited Islamic Movements in the Middle East: Ideologies, Practices and Political Participation (New Delhi: KW Publishers) and National Security Challenges: Young Scholars’ Perspective (New Delhi: Pentagon Press). Her research papers have appeared in many national and international journals in India and abroad.

She is regularly interviewed by several A-list media agencies on Middle Eastern Affairs and contributes opinion pieces in several newspapers both at national and international levels. Dr. Singh has served as the Assistant Editor of Contemporary Review of the Middle East (Sage Publications) and Managing Editor of CLAWS Journal (KW Publishers).


Tables and Figures
1. Introduction
2. Historical Evolution in Relations: Civilisational Connect and Advent of Islam
3. Indo-Gulf Relations under British Raj
4. Relations Since 1947
5. 3Es: Building Blocks in the Relations
6. Era of Strategic Partnerships and Non-Conventional Cooperation
7. Adversarial Concerns
8. Conclusions



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