Once again as of last year we face challenges, though this year seems to be more intense than before and the fear for life and loved ones is a pressure that one lives under!

This year we find that we have lost persons who have indirectly and directly touched us over the years and in this I would like to pay my homage and tributes to all the members who are part of the Indian Publishing Trade, lost to us forever. RIP.

In the past few months though knowing him for many years, our friendship and passion for publishing was apparent with Pushpindar Singh Chopra – pioneer of Vayu magazine. We had great plans for the launch FACE OFF! by Ravi Rikhye:

The excitement of which was palpable in my last meeting with him. Here are some photos with him as a tribute and remembrances. Sir you will be missed!

We continue with our programme on remote basis and the forthcoming titles are:

Once again we work closely with

• Rowman & Littlefield
• Casemate
• Georgetown University Press

In the meanwhile, keep safe:

1. Double Mask
2. Wash Hands Frequently
3. Keep Distance

Take Care,



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