Information, Cyber and Space Domain and its Application in Future Land Warfare

PK Mallick

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The ubiquity of information and the pace of technological change is transforming the character of warfare. Commercial technologies have disrupted the economics and character of warfare. They are cheaper, faster, lighter, smaller and stealthier.

The domains of information, cyberspace and space have joined the conventional warfighting domains of land, sea and air. Although the doctrine for land operations is relatively mature, the doctrine for information, cyberspace and space is in a nascent stage.

Information, cyber and space will become both a precursor to and integral part of armed combat in the land, maritime and air domains. Integrating all five Operational Domains: Space, Cyber, Maritime, Air and Land will change the way we operate, fight and develop capability. How the Indian armed forces’ military operations, especially the army, are being integrated with these new domains will be critical to its success in operations.

This book takes a holistic look at Information, Cyber and Space Domain and their Application in Future Land Warfare.

PK Mallick

An Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering graduate from BE College, Shibpore, M. Tech from IIT, Kharagpur, MMS from Osmania University and M. Phil from Madras University, Major General PK Mallick, VSM (Retd) was commissioned in the Corps of Signals of Indian Army. The officer is interested in Cyber Warfare, Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, Communications, Technology and Strategic Affairs. His last posting before retirement was Senior Directing Staff (Army) at National Defence College, New Delhi.

A prolific writer, the General officer, has written a large number of papers in different peer-reviewed journals and delivered talks at various CAT ‘A’ establishments, think tanks and industries.

He runs two popular websites on strategic affairs @ and





1 Abstract
2 Introduction
3 Information Domain
4 Cyber Domain
5 Space Domain
6 Summary of Recommendations
7 Conclusion



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