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Suchandana Chatterjee

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1. The Kazakh Steppe of the 19th-Early 20th Century: The Northernmost End of the Muslim World or the Southern Limit of the Eurasian Space?
Svetlana Kovalskaya
2. The Practice of Regional Description in the Military Science of the Russian Empire “Military and Statistical Analysis” and Its Practical Uses Late in the 19th–Early in the 20th Centuries)
Sergey Lyubichankovskiy
3. The Soviet Study of India 1917-1947: A Report on the Soviet Archives Project, Calcutta5
Hari Vasudevan
4. The Soviet Union, Nationalism and the Colonial Question: Revisiting the Comintern Era
Sobhanlal Datta Gupta
5. Russia’s Policy Towards Central Asia in the Post-Soviet Period
Raj Kumar Kothari
6. Debating Nomadism versus Modernism: Some Reflections on Mongolian Identity Issues7
Sharad K. Soni
7. The Central Asia Factor in India-Afghanistan Relations
Anwesha Ghosh
8. Nation-building or National Revival in Turkmenistan: From Dependence to Independence17
Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay
9. Post-Soviet Media in Central Asia: With Special Focus on Coverage of Presidential
Elections of Kyrgyzstan
Mohamad Reyaz
10. Europeanisation at the “Grassroots” Level in Moldova: What Are Effective Ways to Deal with the Transnistrian Conflict?
Keiji Sato
11. Comparing Post-communism “Big” and “Small”: The Inaugural Elections in Russia and Macedonia
Dmitry Seltser
12. The Boundaries of EU Norms: Examining EU’s External and Internal Power Using Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling as Case Study
Minori Takahashi
13. Eurasian Economic Union: Opportunities and Challenges
R. G. Gidadhubli
14. Silk Road as an Integrative Concept: The Twenty-first Century Scenario
Sreemati Ganguli
15. Contextualising Anton Chekhov in the Literary Traditions of His Time
Joyshree Roy
16. Representing the Caucasus in Russian Literature: Creative Writings “Then” and “Now”
Ranjana Saxena
17. Socialist Realism Architecture and Soviet Cinema: The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (VSKhV) inthe Radiant Path
Akiko Honda
18. Presentation and Representation: Subjectivity Through History in The Sky of My Childhood
Rashmi Doraiswamy
19. Reinventing Culture: The Tajik Experience of Post-Soviet Years
Nandini Bhattacharya


20. Eurasian Culture/Arts of Central Asia:The Case of Tajikistan
Munira Shahidi
21. India-Tajikistan Relations in the 20th-21st Centuries:The Evolution of Cultural Ties
Umedjon Majidi


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Suchandana Chatterjee Suchandana Chatterjee is Fellow of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Her work at the Institute has primarily focused on the Eurasian region. Her research interests include shared spaces and connected histories of Eurasia. She has authored Reconsidering Inner Asia: Shared Spaces, Shifting Identities (New Delhi: Manohar, 2014); The Steppe in History: Essays on a Eurasian Fringe (New Delhi: Manohar, 2010); Mind and Vision: Perceptions of Reform in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan (New Delhi: Bookwell, 2006) and Politics and Society in Tajikistan in the Aftermath of the Civil War (New Delhi and London: Hope India Publications and Greenwich Millennium Press Ltd, 2002) and several research papers. She can be reached at;



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