E-Commerce: Issues, Perspectives and Challenges in the Indian Context

Versha Mehta, Alka Sharma & Komal Nagar

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This book has been edited with the purpose of creating and illustrating various aspects of e-commerce and integrating them with the functional aspects of management, namely Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance. The issues have been addressed with an intention to make things lucid and understandable. In this respect, the book provides a structure that will help managers, academicians and students to see more clearly how e-commerce has helped in sustaining competitive advantage, which continues to remain the primary objective of all business organisations universally. Further, the book documents research findings and illustrate examples which demonstrate how various allied areas contribute to and take help from e-commerce. It also discusses how e-commerce should be managed: how it should be made a part of everyday business operations. Finally, the book raises questions and suggests issues that should be addressed by thoughtful managers who are trying to overcome challenges to achieve competitive advantage through e-commerce.

The book has been written with a twin purpose of not only understanding the e-commerce issues for practising managers, but it also aims at providing a valuable resource to the researchers in this field.

Versha Mehta, Alka Sharma & Komal Nagar Dr. Versha Mehta is a Professor at The Business School, University of Jammu. She holds a Doctoral Degree in the field of Management and has authored and presented a number of papers in seminars and conferences in India and abroad, besides having several publications in reputed journals to her credit. She has been a visiting fellow at Maison de Sciences d'l Homme, Paris, and also a commonwealth post Doctoral Research fellow at University of Edinburgh, U.K. Prof. Mehta specializes in the areas of E-commerce and Strategic Management of Information Systems and has been a member of the faculty at The Business School (TBS) since 1987.
Dr. Alka Sharma is an Associate Professor at The Business School, University of Jammu. She holds a Doctoral degree in the field of Marketing and her research interests include Marketing of Services and Consumer Behavior. She has published and presented her research contributions in a number of referred journals and conferences of national as well as international repute. She specializes in the field of marketing and has been associated with a number of consultancy and research projects since 1992 when she joined as a faculty at The Business School. She handles Marketing of Services, Channel Management and Business Communication in the MBA programme.
Komal Nagar is an Assistant Professor at The Business School, University of Jammu. She has five years of work experience which is a blend of corporate and academics and specializes in the areas of Brand Management, Advertising and Consumer Behaviour. Komal Nagar has published research papers in various national and international journals and has also presented papers at national and international conferences. At The Business School, she is dealing with Rural Marketing, Managerial Economics and Industrial Psychology.



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