Contemporary Marketing Management: Strategies and Practices

Faheema Idrees & T M Kuthubudeen

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In age of modern technology environment the book Contemporary Marketing Management: Strategies and Practices covers all aspects of marketing practices. Though the traditional marketing practices are still vibrant in the market, the contemporary marketing holds better scope in future. Online marketing is an area that is ready for more expansion of usage and extension of technology. The paradigm shift from traditional to modern marketing is a key factor based on three shifts namely, (i) Technological shift – Growth from old to new technology, (Telemarketing to Email marketing), (ii) Conceptual shift – Marketing to Integrated marketing, & (iii) Techno-conceptual – database marketing which uses technology to conceptualize marketing.

This book deals with contemporary practices in two categories namely ethical and unethical. There is a thin line of difference while detailing ethical and unethical practices. The subtle difference is often crossed with the help of creativity. Multi level marketing is considered as ethical in few countries and unethical in some other countries. Certain concepts overlap, and where staunch differentiation is so difficult such as Viral and Buzz marketing, though the same has been used in an interchangeable way.

Neuromarketing is dealt under ethical marketing, though there are many disadvantages over advantages, like acceptance of genetically modified food, which is ethical as well as unethical. As it is an upcoming field, at the interim neuromarketing is considered as ethical. This book has been more specifically designed to address current marketing practices. Marketing is an age old practice that is adopted consciously or unconsciously, defined or undefined, for the benefit of the marketer as well as the buyer. It has evolved over years and enhanced the business with technology and innovation. The three paradigm shift has lead to the evolution of Contemporary Marketing management which is futuristic and ready for another shift.

The book will be of immense use to students of management and marketing professionals who want to understand and improve their skills.

Faheema Idrees & T M Kuthubudeen Prof. Faheema Idrees is currently, a faculty in Mohamed Sathak College of Arts & Science, Chennai. Adoring in teaching for 10 years and Into the embryonic work of scripting the Marketing practices now. Already, compiled and edited Glossary of Management Terms Having an excellent literary taste and thirst makes a voracious reader.
Prof. T.M. Kuthubudeen, M.B.A., M.Phil in Management, M.A., M.Phil in Economics, Ph.D in Economics is currently a faculty in Mohamed Sathak Arts & Science College, Chennai. Former academic council member and present Member of Board of Studies in Commerce, Business Administration and Information Systems Management at University of Madras. The 29 years of vast experience in various fields like industry, teaching, administration and research gives a wide knowledge in marketing field. Appointed as convener for more than 25 commissions to grant affiliation for BBA & B.Sc (ISM) degree courses in the University of Madras last year.



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