Electrical Installations in Building

Hari Mohan Johri

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The electrical installation play vital role in the utilization of building, constructed for different use, e.g. residences, offices, hotels, shopping complexes, theatres, sport stadiums, auditoriums, especially multi-storied buildings. The basic electrical installations are, lighting i.e. providing illumination both inside and outside buildings exhaust fans, use of portable and non-portable electrical machines or appliances and their wiring network, including sub-main wiring, cable, O.H. lines etc, including control panel and switches. The earthing is very common and essential electrical installation.

The other electrical installations like air conditioning, various sound systems, protection against lightning and fire, lift, diesel generating sets, computer networking are various optional installation in various buildings. Protection against lightning and fire are mandatory in buildings as per building manual. Stage lighting, sound systems are essential in building used for various conference hall, auditorium, places of worship, studios and audio video broadcasting stations. Telecommunication and networking has become very useful electrical installation now-a-days.

The book describes these optional electrical installations necessary for the buildings and useful for occupants. Lift is useful for accessing high floors and shifting of essential commodities. D.G. sets are essential for alternate source of energy at time of failure of the power supply from the powers stations.

The book will be of interest for architects, engineers associated with building projects, students studying electrical engineering at polytechnics and architecture to provide in-depth understanding on estimating and costing.

Hari Mohan Johri The author (S.N. Johri) of the book is working as chief engineer E/M UPPWD and shall retire after completing his 37 years of service on 31st July 2010. After receiving his graduation in Electrical Engineering at Zakir Husain College of Engineering A.M.U. Aligarh in 1971, he joined UPPWD as Assistant Engineering through UPPSC 1971 Examination, in building division at Varanasi constructing prestigious buildings. He was promoted as Executive Engineering in 1979, as Superintending Engineer in 2000 and elevated as Chief Engineering in 2010.
During his experience of 38 years, Mr. Johri has been associated with various building projects having prestigious all possible large electrical installations of the buildings. He has visited various Engineering projects, monuments and buildings throughout India and Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Born in 1950 in an educationist family and brought up under able guidance of his father late Sri S.N. Johri, a teacher in Intermediate classes at Aligarh. He is married to the daughter of late Dr. S.B. Adaval head, department of Education at Allahabad University. Dr. Adaval represented India many years in UNESCO meeting. Uncle of Dr. Adaval late Dr. Babu Ram Saxena was Vice Chancellor Allahabad University. Sisiter-in-law of Dr. Saxena was late Smt Mahadevi Verma a great Indian Poetess.
Inspired by his parents and in laws, Mr. H.M. Johri, being remained in academic environment dedicated his knowledge and experience into this book, a great effort to put all possible electrical installations together in book.



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