Wool: Dyeing Finishing and Blends

G B Prasad

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This book is result of the experiences of working in the textile industry in India, beginning as Head of Department at the young age of 25. Since there were only a few woollen mills in India, facing the production difficulties, without having had sufficient exposure to the textile industry in India was a major challenge. This prompted the author to collect processing details from all kinds available literature, booklets, notes from teachers and professors, and compile them for the reference to counter and solve the problems of production.

This book contains the names and nomenclature of old dyes which are not in production these days. The dyers and students are advised to consult the Colour Index for suitable substitutes for correct remedial actions in their shop floor production. The finishing of woollen and worsted materials was compiled first and later the part of dyeing has been added. This is a useful reference book for dyers and an excellent guide for woollen and worsted finishers.

The last pages of the book give the names of dyes manufacturers and their comparative strength for proper practical guidance for the Dyeing Technologists who are engaged in the dyeing industries of wool and its blends. The book will be of great help to, and a guide for, the dyeing industries catering to carpet exports. A chapter has been added for dealing with dyeing defects and the methods of their removal for the benefit of dyers of the industry.

G B Prasad G. B. Prasad is a well know Dyeing Finishing Technologist with more than 50 years of experience in the dyeing industry. He obtained his Diploma in Textiles from Patna Polytechnic, specialised training in quality control from T.I.T. Bhiwani, (Punjab University). He was instrumental in getting the Textile Diploma equated with other Textile Colleges of India for exemption of Part 1 of the Textile Association of India, as was given to B Tech and Mechanical courses for the A.T.A. (India) F.T.A. (India) Exams and Awards.
He did his Post Graduation in Wool Technology at the Gordon Institute of Technology, Geelong, Australia. In 1960, he came to India and started work in his first appointment as Dyeing Master and Departmental Head, after which he worked as Dyeing Superintendent, Panipat Woollen Mills Ltd., Plant Manager, Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd., General Manager, P.P.L., a unit of Pujab State Handloom Development Corporation, and Manager, Research and Development at Knitwear Facility, a UNDP Organisation. While in Ludhiana he was elected President of the Dyeing Industry Federation of India and played an important role in the removal of exercise duty from dyeing industry with retroexpective effect, thereby greatly benefitting the industry. Towards the end of his career, he worked as Technical Advisor for a well know carpet yarn exporter of India, Bholanath Industries Ltd and Bholanath International Ltd, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.



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