Globalising Geographies Perspectives From Eurasia

Anita Sengupta and Suchandana Chatterjee

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This volume examines the Eurasian engagement with geographies of globalisation through an understanding of the intersection of space and place in Eurasia, Eurasian encounters with globalisation in terms of shifting spheres in politics, economics and culture, levels of integration and the intricate patterns of roads and routes. It also takes note of challenges encountered by social groups and communities in the face of globalising tendencies. The role of emerging alternatives within the region and community partnerships in Eurasia has also been addressed. Written by Eurasian scholars and others working on the region, it takes note of the formal and informal linkages between local communities and the larger global arena of which they are a part. The Eurasian context and the changing contours of Eurasia’s globalised space have been addressed in this book. The book would be of value to scholars and practitioners engaged in policy debates and area studies.

Introduction: Perspectives on Transformed Geographies in Eurasia
Anita Sengupta

1. Central Asians: Peoples of the Region or Citizens of the States?
Farkhod Tolipov

2. The Russian Regional Gaze: From the Far East to the Far North
Suchandana Chatterjee

3. The Northern Periphery of the Great Silk Road
Vladimir A. Lamin and Yanina A. Kuznetsova


4. Dugin’s Early Eurasianism and the Problem of Recycling Ideology 59
Dmitry Vladimir Shlapentokh

5. Turkey in Eurasia: Identity and Foreign Policy
Anar Somuncuoglu

6. Siberian Regionalism in the Second Half of the Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries: Views in Historiography
Denis Ananyev


7. China’s Security Governance of Central Asia
Emilian Kavalski

8. Daydreams and Nightmares: Dreaming of Al-Qaeda and the Once and Future Caliphate—Extremist Narratives on Globalised Islam
Michael Fredholm

9. Afghanistan and Central Asian Security: Strategies for Global Concern
Arpita Basu Roy


10. The Point of Convergence: Reasons for New Age Spirituality in Kazakhstan
Alexey Zelenskiy

11. The Silk Route in Mustafo Bafoev’s Imagination
Diloram Karomat

12. Northern Eurasia in the Era of Climate Change: Rhetoric and Reality of the Northern Sea Route
Sanjay Chaturvedi

Appendix A: Railroad Tracks of Northern Russia, USSR
Appendix B: Arctic Shipping Routes

Anita Sengupta and Suchandana Chatterjee is Fellow at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. She works on the Eurasian region with Uzbekistan being her area of special interest. She has also worked extensively on Turkish politics. Her research interests include questions of boundaries and state formation, minorities and minority identity, gender, geopolitics, problems of transitional politics and culture in the Eurasian region. She can be contacted at

Suchandana Chatterjee is Fellow at Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Her research interests include shared spaces and connected histories of Eurasia, features of transition in Eurasia and Central Asia and competing discourses of encounter and engagement in trans-Himalayan Buddhist space. Her current research focus is on images of cosmopolitanism in post-Soviet Kazakhstan and borderland anxieties.She can be contacted at



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