Citizens and Soldiers Keeping India’s Tryst with Destiny Paradigm for National Security and Resurgence

Brigadier Deepak Sethi, PhD (Veteran)

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National Security does not imply merely absence of military threat. It is far more complex and encompasses several dimensions in the Nation’s internal and external environments. A new paradigm that synthesizes political, social, economic and institutional dimensions internally, along with military power, economic strength, foreign policy and soft power in the external environment, is presented.

Citizens and Soldiers have to strive together in this National mission. Once they participate in this endeavour with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm, we can attain not just security, but also the higher goal or resurgence. The book analyses the National Security and Resurgence Paradigm in the context of the geopolitical challenges in a multipolar world, in which India is poised to play a significant role.

Brigadier Deepak Sethi, PhD (Veteran) The author served in the Indian Army for 31 years, and took voluntary retirement in 1997. He completed his PhD in International Business Strategy and Management in 2001 from the University of Texas at Dallas. Since then he has taught at the University of Taxes, Oakland University in Michigan and Old Dominion University in Norfolk. He published his memoir He Opens Another Door in 2013 and Operation Jantar Mantar in 2015.

“a perceptive and pragmatic insight into India’s national security

by a soldier turned academic…”

— General V P Malik


PART 1 - The Conceptual Framework
1. The Nation-state and its Security
2. Brief Overview of our Security Environment
3. National Security Paradigm
PART 2 - Impact of Internal Environment on National Security
4. Scope and Intent
5. National Will and Ethos
6. Political Stability and Morality
7. The Dimension of Social Cohesion
8. Robust Economy and Inclusive Growth
9. Integrity of Institutions
10. To Sum up...
PART 3 – Developing Capabilities to Meet External Challenges
11. Overview of the Geopolitical Environment
12. National Security Doctrine
13. Integration and Orchestration
14. The Soldier
15. The Defence Budget
16. Integrated Manpower Policy
17. Military-Industrial Complex
18. Foreign Policy
19. In Essence therefore...
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