1971 Indo-Pak War (Selected Stories)

Rohit Agarwal

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The monograph covers the course of the war, strategies formulated by the opposing commanders, blow-by-blow account of major battles and the lessons learned. Prominent instances of outstanding courage by individuals, meriting gallantry awards, have also received due attention. These are stories of the multitude that formed the cutting edge of the victorious army. The commanding officers, company commanders and junior officers, JCOs and soldiers at the frontlines, those who laid minefields, built bridges or flew helicopters. Or those who ensured the frontline troops remained fed, clothed and supplied with ammunition to fight. The purpose of this book is to record for posterity these subaltern accounts of the war that would otherwise fade into oblivion after a generation.

Rohit Agarwal Lt Col Rohit Agarwal was commissioned into 74 Armoured Regiment in Dec 1989
Apart from regimental appointments, he served as ADC to GOC-in-C Western Command, GSO-3 (Int) 36 Sector and GSO 1, MO Directorate
He has written five books, Delhi Durbar 1911, Riding the Raisina Tiger, Brave Men of War, In the Line of Fire and Academy: Bonded for Life
He was also part of the panel compiling the official history of India’s participation in World War I, currently under publication under the aegis of Ministry of Defence


Unconventional Measures, Lt Col Gulab Singh
Point 18,402—Chalunka Turtok Complex, Brig MM Kumar, SM
Bomb Disposal, Brig IJS Chugh, Most Memorable Moment, Lt Gen BT Pandit, PVSM, VrC
Minefield Breaching, Col SP Sharma
Battle of Chhamb, Col Ashok Suri, SM
Gallant and Ferocious, Yet Compassionate, Brig MB Anand, VSM
Well Done, Phokes, Col RC Bhandari
The Rescue Operation, Col RC Bhandari
Through the Minefields in Kargil, Capt Anil Bhalla
Air Defence of Amritsar, Capt HS Sandhu
Battle of Gadra City, Lt Col Sunahra Singh, VrC
The Lord of Boundary Pillar BP 638, Col NN Bhatia
A Prelude to Battle of Beriwala Bridge, Maj Narain Singh
Battle of Bogra, Lt Gen JBS Yadava, PVSM, AVSM, VrC, VSM
Flights of Valour, Brig RK Gogna
To the Warrior His Arms, Lt Gen RP Agarwal, PVSM, VSM
Keeping the Guns Firing, Naib Subedar Bhagwan Singh
Wheels of War, Col NS Kaistha
An Army Marches on Its Stomach, Lt Col Hari Singh
Guerrillas and Auditors, Brig RS Solanki
East to West, Maj Gen VK Arjuna
Kept Them Going, Lt Gen Gorakh Nath, PVSM
Medical Comforts, Lt Gen BS Nagal
“Lest We Forget”, Mrs
Ameeta Mulla Wattal



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