Three Chinese Travellers in India

Roger R. Hale and Elizabeth Chien-Hale

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Our initial motivation for writing this novelette was to expose to the intelligent traveller to India, from Chinese-speaking environments, important cultural themes that are difficult to discover through guidebooks or even from the average tour guide.

Our three characters are from China, Northern California, and Taiwan, and each travels to India for different reasons. Each of our characters introduce different themes according to their respective activities and interests. They each represent composites of real people we have known throughout our 30 years of itinerant life together and all three share an enthusiasm for the energy of the country.

For the Indian reader, knowledge about these three characters and their stories will provide insights into China, Taiwan and the Chinese diaspora. Whatever region you come from, we hope that you care about our characters and we hope you share our excitement about the great land of India.

Roger R. Hale and Elizabeth Chien-Hale Roger R. Hale and Elizabeth Chien-Hale met in the year 1984 while studying at University of California at Berkeley. At that time, Elizabeth was a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and Roger was a first year graduate student in Asian (Indian) Studies. They married in 1985 and have two kids.

Ms. Chien-Hale was born in Taipei to a family that had moved from China to Taiwan during the civil war. She then migrated to the USA from Taiwan when she was 13 years old. Mr. Hale was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Iowa City, Iowa and is part of a community, which is mostly Anglo Saxon Americans.

Elizabeth is now an intellectual property lawyer focusing primarily on cases having to do with China, Taiwan and the USA. After completing a MA in Asian Studies at Berkeley, Roger has been holding various jobs in the USA, China and Taiwan. His interest in India has remained the same during the past thirty years even though he was working in other parts of Asia.


1. Du Xiao Zhou Nighttime in Bengaluru
2. British Colonialism, Ayurveda and Carnatic Music
3. British Colonialism
4. The Financial Analyst
5. Ayurveda
6. Carnatic Music and Mr. Ganapati
7. British Colonialism, Ayurveda Revisited
8. Chennai
9. Final Months in Bengaluru
10. Milton Wong
11. Cupertino, California
12. The Bald Hills of Northern California
13. The Revelation
14. Preparation for Bengaluru
15. On Route to India
16. At Home in Bengaluru
17. Milton’s IIT Ventures
18. Brenda and South Indian Temple Architecture
19. Bengaluru is Home (almost)
20. The Final Stretch
21. Gao Mei Lin
22. Hualien, Taiwan
23. New Delhi
24. Mahabodhi Express to Gaya
25. Bodhgaya
26. Rishikesh
27. Bengaluru



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