Sudha Madhuri D

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Since the beginning of time, they have existed among the deep sea predators and the waves of the perilous ocean. A marine biologist Dr Jade Bowers stumbled across a mysterious recording of underwater sounds; she launched a scientific investigation only to uncover the existence of a creature that was thought to be a myth. In search of conclusive proof, she and her research team find partly digested remains of an animal. The remains were strange and no one could identify them. The body parts were autopsied; only to solve a puzzle. Dr Jade Bowers races against time and her heart to unveil an ancient secret before it is too late. The cursed family of Basak Dutta, they carry the genes of the ancient Queen. Rose wants to protect her clan and she shall do anything for the survival of her pod. They have survived the trials and tests of evolution...they now stand to face the trials of humans...will the pod survive its annual migration under a new queen...the half-breeds face the same trials as the primitive Mers and the Nereids that live in the blue depths.

Sudha Madhuri D Sudha Madhuri D. is a foot soldier’s wife and daughter to khaki. An exponent of classical Odissi dance, she has had her star TV moments in the past. She loves to travel, collecting a myriad of colourful experiences, which she transforms onto canvas, an avid sportswoman with several trophies under her belt for horse riding and participating in the hunts at Wellington. She comes across as a person who can spin a tale from the tangled webs of the past...the present and the future. She started story telling at the age of sixteen and daydreaming plots much, much before that. Her latest fable is a cocktail of reality and fiction...bringing alive a dark myth. Some of it rooted in her own experience of the strange and the unknown that which has been whispering within her since ages. A few of her publications includes, A Beginning to An End-Darimbari. (Get connected on Fb and instagram and twitter)

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Prelude ix

The Author’s Note

1. Nile
2. Millions of Years Ago
3. A Woman
4. Rose
5. The Warrior Queen
6. 1608
7. A Visitor
8. Doe Eyed
9. ...The Strong One
10. Love was Death
11. She held the Key to the Ancient Mystery
12. Chrysalis
13. The Others
14. Far Away
15. Feisty and Fiery
16. A Legacy
17. At The Naval Base
18. Queen of the Nereids
19. For Us to Believe



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