Trio Trials

Vaneeta Vaid

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The eleven years old “Trips”: Biffy, Miffy and Piffy are triplets and one wonderful morning in a flash of soul searching options for future careers, the Trips decide that they want to be detectives.

Fortunately for the girls their choice is put to test, when a puzzling robbery and hostage situation presents itself all the way up in the hills of Shimla. With not the slightest of hesitation the Trips are on the trail!

The comical, gritty, adventurous situations that prevail as a result of their sleuthing makes good reading!

Vaneeta Vaid The daughter of an IFS diplomat and wife of an Army Officer, Vaneeta Vaid is not new to the world of story writing for children. Known as the creator of the popular Janoo and Wooly Woo series and a recipient of several IBH original stories competition awards, she happily admits she loves her work. She has published over 18 non -fiction and fiction books for Nita Mehta publications. A prolific author, she is also a member of the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children in India.
Vaneeta Vaid has written A Breath of Free Air! and Saira which captivated the young readers imagination. These books have been published by KW Publishers, New Delhi.



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