When Bindya Rebelled

Vaneeta Vaid

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Twelve years old Bindiya cannot really understand why the landlord of the fields her father tilled was considered akin to God. No one was allowed to share any problems with HIM! It would be wrong to assume that the village they lived in did not have problems! No electricity, no water and no proper medical facilities were available to the inhabitants. An unexpected opportunity takes Bindiya to the Haveli, the landlord’s residence. This visit turns out to be life changing for Bindiya. She suddenly finds herself fighting for basic needs denied to their everyday living- since no one asked any favours from the landlord. When her best friend Jhumri dies due to lack of medical help, Bindiya almost like a crusader steps out and fights to make things right again! The challenge plunges her into a world that is unfamiliar yet she finds a friend and some surprises, which alters her opinions on rich landlords forever!

Vaneeta Vaid The daughter of an IFS diplomat and wife of an Army Officer, Vaneeta Vaid is not new to the world of story writing for children. She is known as the creator of the popular Janoo and Wooly Woo series and a recipient of several original stories competition awards. She has published over 18 non-fiction and fiction books. A prolific author, she is also a member of the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children in India.
Vaneeta Vaid has also to her credit written young adult literature such as A Breath of Free Air!, Trio Trails, Saira, Ghost Village and Trio Trails: Adventures in Delhi.



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