Ghost Village

Vaneeta Vaid

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When Major Raj Pratap Singh reaches his post, which is at one of the extreme northern borders, he is shocked to find out that the village at the base of the military camp has been abandoned due to haunting by ghosts! He tries to discover the reasons but is rebuffed by the scared villagers who swear that they had seen ghosts! Raj himself has a sighting!

Here Raj is thrust into one of the most intriguing mysteries that becomes a mammoth challenge! His commando training and alert wits are required to expose one of the slyest of misdoings going on in those regions!

Vaneeta Vaid The daughter of an IFS diplomat and wife of an Army Officer, Vaneeta Vaid is not new to the world of story writing for children. She is known as the creator of the popular Janoo and Wooly Woo series and a recipient of several IBH original stories competition awards. She has published over 18 non-fiction and fiction books for Nita Mehta publications, and is presently the chief editor of of the company. A prolific author, she is also a member of the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children in India.
Vaneeta Vaid has written A Breath of Free Air!, Trio Trails and Saira which captivated the young readers imagination. These books have been published by KW Publishers, New Delhi.



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