Rescuing Tinku

Vaneeta Vaid

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Major Raj Pratap Singh, a combat trained solider with sharp wit and reasoning, posted in the Northeast discovers the fury of nature. The story unfolds with life at the Army Cantonment and the interaction with the civilians living in the area. The book revolves around Major Raj Pratap Singh and his interaction with a civilian child Tinku and her pet elephant. The rains and floods brings with it the calamity which is the nailbiting story of saving Tinku and her elephant from drowning. Intertwined in this story is the deep insight of the life of the Army and strong bond of the Army wives fraternity. Read the fast paced book, encompassing natural disaster, the rebellion of a lady and how the story unfolds… The daughter of an IFS diplomat and wife of an Army Officer, Vaneeta Vaid is not new to the world of story writing for children. She is known as the creator of the popular Janoo and Wooly Woo series in Tinkle magazine and a recipient of several IBH original stories competition awards. She has published over 18 non-fiction and fiction books for Nita Mehta publications, and was the Chief Editor of the Company. A prolific author, she is also a member of the Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children in India. Vaneeta Vaid has written A Breath of Free Air!, Trio Trails, Saira and Ghost Village which captivated the young readers imagination. These books have been published by KW Publishers, New Delhi.

Vaneeta Vaid



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