Army Aviation in Modern Warfare

Rajiv Ghose

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The nation’s general environment comprises men and women with high intellect and the wisdom to evaluate the change that is continuously taking place at a frenetic pace. The nation and the armed forces also need to act accordingly, keeping the national interests uppermost. This book commences with a canvas indicating the present combat environment and the changes that are expected to occur, in which Army Aviation will be expected to function.

Subsequent chapters unfold the link Army Aviation will be providing to the management of conflict and combat challenges in the process of crafting solutions for war-time situations. This has already been preceded by an environment in which the soldiers in the sky are preparing to fight the next battle. History and present developments have indicated that there would be an intermix of combat situations wherein there is no war but there is no peace either. There will also be a blurring of lines which transcends the generations in warfare and the means used. The unprecedented range of missions will dictate the expanding and modified roles and responsibilities of aviation, ranging from kinetic delivery to non-kinetic applications of air power. The Army fulfills this responsibility even when constrained in resources. In a shapeless and seemingly troubled future in dealing with modern warfare, this book urges the reader to give thought to the issues dealt with, and beyond.

Rajiv Ghose Lt Col Rajiv Ghose was commissioned in the Regiment of Artillery in 1987, earned his flying badge as an Army Aviator in 1993, and has operated in various operations both on land and from the air. His combat profile traverses glaciers, through valleys, into jungles, between sand dunes, both inland and along the borders of India. It is with this experience that he embarked on penning various thoughts which can be contended and argued for value addition. He can be contacted at



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