India and The UN Peace Operations: In Service of Humanity and Global Peace

Col (Dr.) Kulwant Kumar Sharma (Retd.)

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The book, “India and the UN Peace Operations: In Service of Humanity and Global Peace”, is a true reflection of the contributions of Indian diplomats and uniformed peacekeepers to global peace and security since the early 1950s. The book transports a reader from India’s diplomatic, political and uniformed peacekeepers’ efforts in Korea, to various inter-state and intra-state peace operations, and finally to the modern multi-dimensional peace operations. India has contributed excellent diplomats, military and police leaders and nearly 2,55,000 peacekeepers in some of the most violent and intractable conflicts around the globe. As many as 178 peacekeepers have made the supreme sacrifice in their quest for global peace and the book is a dedication to all those soldiers of peace. The book is written by a former peacekeeper, academician, researcher and trainer in the field, with the active support of the United Services and India, and the Indian Council of World Affairs.

Col (Dr.) Kulwant Kumar Sharma (Retd.)

Colonel (Dr) Kulwant Kumar Sharma is a veteran of the Indian Army, a graduate of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington (India) and a Doctorate from a university in Zurich. He served as a military observer in UNTAC (Cambodia) and assisted in the build-up, training and induction of troops in Somalia, Angola, Mozambique and Rwanda. He established the first UN Cell in the Army Training Command with another colleague and trained various contingents and peacekeepers. He was also the co-founder of the Centre for UN Peacekeeping, where as a member of the visiting faculty, trained multi-national peacekeepers for nearly eight years. As a member of the research team with the Norwegian International Peacekeeping (NUPI) team, he contributed to the effectiveness of the peace Operation network (EPON) study. He has also participated in Challenges Seminars in Ankara, and New Delhi; and researched and written about various issues of UN Peace Operations in peer-reviewed journals. He also headed the research team for the earlier version of historical records of the Indian Army’s participation in the UN peacekeeping, published under the USI of India in 2009.


Acronyms and Abbreviations
Indian Leadership: For the Global Peace


1. Korea: The First International Engagement
2. Indo-China International Supervisory Commission
3. The First UN Emergency Force
4. UN Peace Operations in Lebanon
5. UN Peace Operations in Ethiopia and Eritrea
6. UN Peace Operations on Golan Heights
7. UN Peace Operations in Abyei


8. The First UN Peace Operation in Congo
9. UN Peace Operations in Somalia
10. UN Peace Operations in Sierra Leone
11. UN Peace Operations in Mozambique
12. UN Peace Operations in Angola
13. UN Peace Operations in Rwanda


14. The UN as a Transitional Authority in Cambodia
15. The Second UN Peace Operation in Congo
16. UN Peace Operations in Sudan and South Sudan
UN Peace Operations (Leadership, Observers and Staff)
Indian Police Peacekeepers in Service of the UN
Future of UN Peace Operations: An Indian Perspective



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