Militralisation of Space

Kaza Lalitendra

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The first three chapters of the book examines the evolution of space for military use; the study of the legal framework governing the use of outer space that has enabled the militarisation of space; and the complexities of defining the fine line that separates militarisation and weaponisation of space. Chapter Four and Five provide an in-depth coverage on the military space capabilities of China and select Asian countries. Chapter Six highlights India’s civilian space capabilities. It argues that notwithstanding the complex regional geo-political and geo-strategic environment, India has shown restraint in its space programme for military purposes. Chapter Seven examines the exploitation of ‘near space’ as a transformational medium that has the potential to change the war-fighting capabilities of nations. Chapter Eight illustrates the intricate relationship between missile defence and space. The concluding chapter draws out the likely scenarios in the future uses of outer space in the context of various political, technical and military challenges that may hamper India’s march towards exploration and exploitation of outer space for its national development and security.

The book will be of immense value to graduate students of Defence and Strategic Studies as well as serving officers in defence establishments.

Kaza Lalitendra Wing Commander Kaza Lalitendra was commissioned in the Indian Air Force (IAF) on December 14, 1991, as a Fighter Controller in the Administrative Branch after graduating in electronics from Pune University. An alumnus of the Defence Services Staff College, he has a post-graduate degree in strategic and defence studies from Madras University. He also holds a Master’s diploma in personnel and finance management from Pune University. In his 18 years of distinguished service, the officer has had the distinction of serving in many front line air defence units of the IAF and participated in international exercises with the USAF and RSAF. He has authored several articles on militralisation of space that have appeared in professional journals and books.



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