India and UN Peacekeeping: Through the Prism of Time

Editor: Maj Gen PK Goswami, VSM (Retd)

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The articles in this compendium, related to India’s contribution to UN Peacekeeping, are reproduced as were originally published in the past issues of the USI Journal and other USI publications. They shed light on a variety of topics pertaining to the evolution and expansion of India’s contribution to UNPKO over the span of 60 years. Book has reflections of authors on UN peacekeeping missions in Korea, Congo, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Eritrea, and Sudan; but most valuable are compilation of talks by Mr Kofi Annan, the then UN Secretary General, and Mr Lakhdar Brahimi, former Foreign Minister, Algeria and head of Brahimi Panel Report, delivered at the USI of India in 2001. These articles reflect the opinions of the authors at the age and time that they lived and not that of either the editor or the USI.

Editor: Maj Gen PK Goswami, VSM (Retd)

Major General PK Goswami, VSM (Retd) was commissioned into Regiment of Artillery (Air Defence Branch), Indian Army, on 11 June 1977. Besides holding commanded and staff appointments, he was deputed as Military Observer with United Nations Verification Mission at Angola.

He was a Senior Faculty at National Defence College, New Delhi and represented National Defence College, India at 16th ASEAN Regional Forum for Heads of Defence Universities, Colleges and Institutions at Beijing, China in November 2012.

Post retirement, he was Distinguished Fellow at the United Service Institution of India, New Delhi and closely associated with conceptualisation and conduct of Strategic Gamming Exercises at National Defence College and Army War College. He regularly participates in discussions on strategic and UN matters at USI, diplomatic missions in India, Service Headquarters and was part of USI delegations to France, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi and UN HQ New York. Presently he is Deputy Director at the United Service Institution of India and also Head of USI UN Cell.


Major General BK Sharma, AVSM, SM** (Retd)


Major General PK Goswami, VSM (Retd)
1 The Custodian Force in Korea
Major General SPP Thorat, DSO (1953)
2 Peace-Making and War-Making in the Twentieth Century
Mr KM Panikkar (1956)
3 United Nations Force in the Congo
Brig IJ Rikhye (1962)
4 United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces
Major General IJ Rikhye (1964)
5 When Tshombe Led The UN Troops
Situ Mullick (1989)
6 United Nations Peace Keeping Operations in Former Yugoslavia
Lt Gen Satish Nambiar, AVMS, VrC (Retd) (1993)
7 UN Peace Keeping - The Naval Dimension
Vice Admiral Mihir Roy, PVSM, AVSM (Retd) (1994)
8 Global Flux and Dilemmas in United Nations Peace Keeping
Lt General JM Sanderson, AC (1995)
9 United Nations Peacekeeping Operations - A Perspective
Lt Gen Satish Nambiar, PVSM, AVSM, Vrc (Retd) (1995)
10 Peacekeeping in Somalia: An Indian Experience
Brigadier DP Merchant, AVSM (1996)
11 UN Peacekeeping in the New Millennium
Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab (2000)
12 The Challenges of Peacekeeping and Peace Support into the 21st Century: Peacekeeping 2015 – A Perspective
Ms. Annika Hilding-Norberg (2000)
13 The Challenges of Peacekeeping and Peace Support
General V P Malik, PVSM, AVSM, ADC (Retd) (2000)
14 Emerging Regional Environment: Perspective for Peacekeeping
Shri JN Dixit (2000)
15 Preventive Diplomacy as a Tool
Shri Prakash Shah (2000)
16 The Role of United Nations in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security
His Excellency Mr Kofi Annan (2001)
17 Analysis of the Recommendations of the Brahimi Panel Report
Mr Lakhdar Brahimi (2001)
18 Complex Peace Operations: Traditional Premises andNew Realities
Mr KanwalSibal (2003)
19 Peace Operations: A Case Study of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Lieutenant Colonel VS Malik (2004)
20 Peacekeeping and its Challenges
Mr Jean Marie Guehenno (2005)
21 Robust Peacekeeping Operations, Rapid Deployment Capability for the UN: An Indian Perspective
Lieutenant General Satish Nambiar PVSM, AVSM, VrC (Retd) (2006)
22 “Op Khukri” – The United Nations Operation Fought in Sierra Leone Part-I
Lieutenant General V K Jetley, PVSM, UYSM (Retd) (2007)
23 “Op Khukri” – The United Nations Operation Fought in Sierra Leone Part-II
Lieutenant General V K Jetley, PVSM, UYSM (Retd) (2007)
24 Challenges of Peacebuilding
Brigadier Yogesh K Saksena, VSM (Retd) (2007)
25 United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea in Hindsight
Colonel Sudhir Chauhan, SM (2009)
26 Peacekeeping by Regional Organisations
Lieutenant General Vijay Kumar Jetley, PVSM, UYSM (Retd) (2009)
27 Coercive Air Power and Peace Enforcement
Air Vice Marshal Manmohan Bahadur, VM (2011)
28 UNMOGIP – A Subcontinental Relic
Major Shailender Arya (2013)
29 UN Peacekeeping Operations: Relevance andIndian Contribution?
Major General SB Asthana, SM, VSM (2014)
30 India and UN Peace Operations: Security Sector Reforms
AmbAsokeMukerji (Retd) and Lt Gen Chander Prakash (Retd) (2016)
31 UNPKO and Military Contributions: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia-Pacific Governments -
Major General AK Bardalai, VSM (Retd) (2017)
32 Maintaining International Peace and Security through United Nations Peacekeeping
Shri Asoke Kumar Mukerji, IFS (Retd) (2017)
33 Decision Dilemma in UN Peacekeeping Operations
Lieutenant Colonel RR Laddha (2017)
34 China’s Expanding Role in United Nations (UN) Peacekeeping
Col Shailender Arya (2021)
35 UN peacekeepers as Hostages: Causes, Existing Frame Work and UN Strategy
Col (Dr) KK Sharma (Retd) (2021)
36 Dynamics of the Composition of Troops and Diversity and Military Culture - Views of an Academician
Dr Chiara Ruffa (2021)
37 Diversity in UN Peace Operations: A Challenge toEffectiveness
Major General (Dr) AK Bardalai (Retd) (2021)
38 Dynamics of Cultural, Social and Military Ethos – Perspective of an Indian Contingent Commander
Colonel K Kekre (2021)
39 Challenges to UN Peacebuilding
Major General (Dr) AK Bardalai (Retd) (2021)
40 Protection of Civilians
Mr David Haeri (2021)
41 Protection of Civilians: Concept and the Core Obligationof the UN
Dr Ali Ahmed (2021)
42 Protection of Civilians: Challenges of Divergent Foci of the Stakeholders
Dr Cedric de Coning (2021)
43 Role of UN Observer Mission: Experience of Cold War Peacekeeping and Relevance in The Ukraine Crisis
Major General (Dr) AK Bardalai (Retd) (2022)
44 Reminiscences on the Evolution of the Women Peace and Security Agenda: The Backstory
Amb Lakshmi Puri (2022)
45 More Women in UN Peace operations – An Agenda for New Peace Operations
Col (Dr) KK Sharma (2022)
46 Challenges of Mission Leadership: Perspective of a former FC and Deputy SRSG (Deputy HoM) of UNMIS
Lt Gen JS Lidder, UYSM, AVSM (Retd) (2022)
47 Challenges of Mission Leadership: Perspective of DyHoM and Director of Political and Civil Affairs of UNIFIL
Jack Christofide (2022)
48 Effectiveness of Protection mandate and Training of Peacekeepers, Lessons from EPON Studies
Col (Dr) KK Sharma (2022)
49 Operational Art in Peace Operations: Balancing the Peace Triangle
Dr Ali Ahmed (2022)
50 UN Peacekeeping and Conflict Management: Is There an Option for Ukraine?
Major General (Dr) AK Bardalai (Retd) (2022)



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