Understanding The Spiritual Dialogue : Siddha Goshti

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The Siddha Goshti is Guru Nanak’s dialogues with some sages. These sages had renounced the world and were living in caves in the Himalayas. They were yogis who believed in practising physical and mental exercises for the attainment of spiritual powers (siddhis), which would ultimately lead to moksha (liberation). These dialogues are a summary of Guru Nanak’s views on life in general and spirituality in particular.

While these ascetics asserted that one must withdraw from society and family to attain detachment, Guru Nanak said that attachment and detachment were a state of mind. You don’t have to give up anything; you can achieve detachment right in the middle of the marketplace. In fact, true detachment is that which can remain unruffled even in the thick of temptations. The ascetics live away from society but are dependent on the men and women of the world for their survival. Guru Nanak said that all human beings must perform their duties and fulfill their responsibilities so as not to be a burden on society.

Siddha Goshti is a series of questions and answers. The account of these meetings of Guru Nanak with the sages is recorded on pages 938 to 946 of the Guru Granth Sahib. The dialogues have been composed in and are sung in Rag Ramkali.

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