The India Collective: What India Is Really All About

Karan Mehrishi

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Every successful country has an operating system, a value system on which the country’s socio-economic institutions are built. India has had none and therefore the chaos and resultant failure to succeed in a globally competitive environment for capital and correlated wealth creation. The book analyses why India as a country is a Collective and must incorporate an operating system that is in line with this very logic. Divided into three epochs - Past, Present and Future, the book attempts to see the bigger picture and understand India as a country, as a value system and as an economy from within.

Karan Mehrishi

Karan Mehrishi is a graduate of Columbia University and is an internationally recognised economist and financial journalist. In the year 2013, he was adjudged a Finalist for the prestigious IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia. Through his work, he has focused primarily on public policy, business strategy and macroeconomics throughout a highly enriching career. Having written for several prominent national and international publications including daily newspapers and business magazines, Karan has worked as a financial journalist, economist and briefly as an equity research analyst with a bulge bracket investment bank. Through this book, Karan only concerns himself with India as a great value system that must be sustained at all cost.



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