Future Technologies for the Indian Army

Maj Gen (Dr.) PK Chakravorty, VSM (Retd)

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“Whilst war is timeless and universal, it is technology that shapes and defines warfare more than any other factor. Indian Army has always exploited technology to help maintain a winning edge. The impact of technology will be even more pronounced in the future, and hence the understanding and adoption of emerging technologies by us becomes an imperative.

This book is a comprehensive study of military technologies that need to be adopted for the capability development of Indian Army. The book makes a highly recommendable read on the basis of its thorough coverage and discussion concerning future technologies for the Indian Army. Its prospective readers are bound to be fully engaged by the book as it lays down a comprehensive road map for the modernisation of Indian Army leveraging future technologies….”

– Lt Gen Rajeev Sabherwal, PVSM, AVSM,VSM (Retd)
Former SO-in-C, Sigs
COAS Chair of Excellence, CLAWS

“Technology is user neutral but key technologies form an integral part to enhance national interest and national security of every nation of the world. Sooner the nation states—small or large, developed or developing, recognises the role of technology and identifies the key technologies, sooner will it be possible for any country to safeguard her sovereignty and integrity. India cannot afford to miss the next Industrial Revolution. Chakravorty’s deliberations on future technologies is timely and argues cautiously but firmly the need to identify key technologies for the Indian Army at the earliest.”

Gautam Sen Pune

Maj Gen (Dr.) PK Chakravorty, VSM (Retd) , is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy and was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery on 31 March 1972. The General is a Silver Gunner and has undergone training at the Long Gunnery Staff Course, Staff College and National Defence College. He has commanded a Medium Regiment and a Composite Artillery Brigade. He was Deputy Director General at Perspective Planning Directorate (currently Strategic Planning Directorate), Major General Artillery of an operational Command, Commandant of Selection Centre South in Bangalore and Additional Director General Artillery (dealing with Operations and Procurement) at the Army Headquarters. He was also primarily involved in the induction of BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missiles in the Indian Army. He has also served as the Defence Attaché to Vietnam where he cultivated interest in China and is a prolific writer on strategic subjects. The Officer is presently Senior Fellow (Veteran) at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), New Delhi.



1. Introduction
2. Threats to India and Her National Security Strategy
3. Capability Development Needed by the Indian Army
4. Technologies to be Developed for The Indian Army
5. Required Mindset to Accept These Technologies
6. Agencies to Develop These Technologies
7. Road Map for Development of These Technologies
8. Recommendations



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