MEDIA DISQUISITIONS: Contemporary Media Discourses of 21st Century

Dr Kriti Singh

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This book is an attempt to capture a few of the infinite narratives, click, tweets, frames that are constructed, shared, created and disseminated by media. It is a collection of essays written in the due span of time to understand, experience and narrate a few observations, information and knowledge, which was acquired by the author while exploring growing possibilities in media, with special reference to the national security. It constitutes different chapters, which endeavour to shed light on various aspects of media and its related dimensions. The beauty of media studies is that it can’t be appreciated in the close structures of thinking, or in a defined curriculum. It is something, which is akin to brimming water making it ways in all directions. It is a labyrinth, layered and an extension of the complex human mind. An extension, which has human creativity at one side of the spectrum and artificial intelligence on the other side. The only way to understand and appreciate this phenomenon is to understand that there is a way through this maze, which helps humankind to create a common understanding despite infinite differences. The book will provide an opportunity for its readers to get a glimpse of the intricate world of media and its various dimensions.

Dr Kriti Singh Dr Kriti Singh is an Assistant Professor at the School of Communication (SoC), GD Goenka University (GDGU), Sohna, Haryana and a Non-Resident Associate Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi.



Preface xii


About the Author

Introduction i

1. Virtual Reality Journalism: Changing the Narratives of News
2. Drone Journalism: Potential and Challenges
3. Through the Lens of New Media
4. Paid News: A Curse on News Journalism
5. Social Media and the Web of Social Engineering
6. Digital Terrorism: Choreographing the Terror
7. Battle of Narratives: Media as Soft Power an Indian Perspective
8. New Media-Military Relationship: Overview and Challenges
9. Application of Social Media by Defence Personnel for Personal Use
10 Application of Media Dependency Theory During Crisis: Op MEGH RAHAT
11. Poland’s New Media Law and its Implication on Polish Press Freedom
12. Online News Reporting of Massive Ordnance Air Blast in Afghanistan: A Battle of Narratives
13. Paris Attacks from the Prism of Social Media



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