India and the European Union: Perceptions of the Indian Print Media and Elites

Shreya Pandey

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The rise of Asia has been touted to be an extremely significant global phenomenon. The EU has sought convergence on global issues, regional security matters as well as regulatory policy and other economic issues with the countries in the region especially India. A close and consistent approach towards monitoring of EU-India relations is therefore called for particularly in the light of the long and enduring economic partnership and a serious and meaningful bilateral political dialogue. This book analyses the current trends of the EU-India relationship through content analysis. It shall seek to examine the various aspects of the EU-India equation which are giving it an upward thrust and also the factors which are proving to be a drag on the relationship. The most pertinent issues in the partnership that need to be effectively dealt with have been identified through analysis of the portrayal of EU in Indian newspapers i.e. The Economic Times, The Times of India and DainikJagran. The insight, outlook and the perception of the Indian elite belonging to the spheres of politics, business, civil society and media have been consolidated and analysed for the purpose of making recommendations for public policy and concrete policy outcomes. An attempt has been made to fathom the nuances of the EU-India engagement and predict the future trajectory of the relations.

Shreya Pandey Dr. Shreya Pandey has worked as Principal Researcher from India in a number of international projects on perception studies and public diplomacy funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE), University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She is an Assistant Professor and teaches courses on Political Science and International Relations. Her research interests include Indian Foreign Policy, European politics, Perception Studies, International Political Economy and the United Nations. She has participated in more than 50 international conferences in India and various parts of the world. She has been published extensively and has contributed chapters in edited books and prestigious international journals dealing with foreign policy and international affairs.


1. Introduction
2. An Overview of General Perceptions on EU-INDIA Relations
3. The Visibility of EU in the Indian Print Media
4. The Perception of the Indian Elite about the EU
5. Conclusions
    List of Appendices
    List of Interviewees



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