Idris & Bilkees Latif The Fragrance Lingers On

Editor Ushi Kak

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Idris & Bilkees Latif: The Fragrance Lingers On is a tribute to one of the most iconic couples of the Indian Air Force. The Latifs have left a mark of excellence in many fields. Their lives cut an arc across such a large swath of life, extending from the Services, diplomacy, gubernatorial assignment to social work and environmental concerns! They shone in every field.

Despite their formidable achievements, fame rested lightly on their shoulders. Every article in this commemorative book brings out this ‘humane’ quality in the personas of the Latifs. The wealth of perspectives on them as individuals and as a couple from a very distinguished phalanx of contributors, who knew them closely, is what gives this volume a special dimension. To use the title of one of the books by Bilkees Latif, The Fragrance of Forgotten Years, we want that fragrance to linger on to keep inspiring us for times to come!

Editor Ushi Kak Smt Ushi Kak, has a Master’s Degree in English and American Literature from Northeastern University, Massachusetts, USA. She has taught at Miranda House, University of Delhi. Being an itinerant Air Force wife, she took to writing and editing. Her pieces have appeared on the editorial pages of national dailies and in some leading news magazines. She admires the Indian Air Force unabashedly!


Hamid Ansari

BS Dhanoa


The Unforgettable Latifs: An Introduction
Ushi Kak

The Web of Love: Sky is not the Limit
• Air Chief Marshal Idris Latif: A Compassionate Leader
V N Sharma

• Idris and Bilkees Latif: A Personal Tribute
L Ramdas and Lalita Ramdas
• The Latifs I Knew

N C Suri
• Idris Latif: A Charismatic Chief
A Y Tipnis

• Idris Latif: An Exceptional Chief
S Krishnaswamy

• ACM Idris Latif: An Officer and a Gentleman
S P Tyagi

• Humwatani
NAK Browne

• An Adorable Military Leader
Arup Raha

• A Star in the Firmament
S Raghavendran

• Air Chief Marshal Idris Latif: A Peerless Leader
B D Jayal

• The Latifs: That Special Touch
S S Ramdas

• A Distinguished Duo
Tirlochan Singh

• An Air Warriors’ Air Chief: Idris Hasan Latif
Bharat Kumar

• Air Chief Marshal Latif: A Profile in Excellence
Philip Rajkumar

• Magnetic Latifs: In the Eyes of a Doctor
Satish Dham

• Lifelong Jugalbandi: A Poetic Tribute
Anil Chopra

• Nonpareil Idris Latif
C V Parker

• The Latifs: A Timeless Legacy
Kapil Kak

• Idris Latif: Passing on of a Titan
T K Sen

• The Latifs: Outstanding Human Beings
Kuldeep Sahota

• Idris and Bilkees Latif: An Inspirational Couple
Farokh J Mehta

Able Administrator: Governance with Heart
Governor of Maharashtra (1982-1985)
• My Recollections of a Popular Governor
Julio Ribeiro

• Remembering the Latifs
Bakul Patel

• My Memories of Bilkees and Idris Latif
Wajahat Habibullah

• The Latifs
K S Nair

Diplomacy Par Excellence: Amazing Achievements
Ambassador to France (1985-1988)
• The French Connection
Asha Suri

• Latifs in Paris: Diplomatic Savoir Faire
P R Parthasarathy

• The Latifs: A Couple Extraordinaire
Sharat Sabharwal

• A Grand Gesture is Never Forgotten
Ritu Bhatia


Myriad Missions: A Vast Canvas
• Bilkees Latif: Courage and Compassion
Maneck Davar

• Latif on Latif: A Candid Interview
Shyamola Khanna

Distinguished Lineage: Ties that Bind
• Our Air Force Family
Asad Latif

• Heroes in Every Sense
Rahim Latif

• The Latif Legacy: Looking Forward, Looking Backward
Syeda Imam

• Bilkees Mumani and Idris Mamoo
Laila Tyabji

A Bouquet of Tributes: Affectionately Yours
• Air Chief Marshal Idris Latif: In Memoriam
Abhijit Basu

• Growing Up: My Thanks to the Latifs
Robey Lal

• A Chief for all Reasons
Pushpindar Singh

• The King of Diamonds, The Queen of Hearts
Shikha Vohra

• The Latifs: An Endearing Couple
G S Sachdeva

• Bonds of Friendship
Vijay Crishna

• A Moment of Chief Latif’s Time … Eternity for Me
Subir Sen




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