Jungle Odyssey

Ashok Kalyan Verma

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Life in India has changed beyond recognition in the last seventy years, and I am making an effort at preserving the memory of a lost past for my grandchildren and their yet to come progeny, to relive some of the jungle stories and memories.


“You can take a man out of the Jungle, but if he is born to it – you cannot take the Jungle out of a man”. Anon

Jungle Odyssey is a soldier’s ‘Shikar’ biography. Glimpses of experiences with his father the ‘Deva-Pitta’ of these stories perhaps are the defining events that qualify him as a “Jungle Salt”. Soldering closely enabled him to retain his lifelong interest in Wildlife – the fauna – flora of our vast subcontinental size country.

It has been a fulsome life that exposed him to the Jungle lore and the beauty of its jungle and wildlife.

Ashok Kalyan Verma



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