Eurasian States: Policies and Practices

Arun Mohanty

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Strategic Partnerships and Diplomatic Relations among countries is built on the basis of common understanding that there is no alternative to the emergence of the multi-polar world. The current volume is a collection of articles about developments, security situations, political reforms, democratic transformation, external energy policies and trade relations among Eurasian States and their relations with India.

It also sheds light on the Russian Orthodox Churches where unsettled relations between the Orthodox Churches can affect relations with the other Christian and non-Christian religions. The book covers key topics such as:

• Indo-Russian Strategic Partnership
• Asia’s Non-Traditional Security Challenges
• Georgia-Russia Conflict – History
• Water-Energy Balance in Central Asia
• Japan-Central Asia Relations – Challenges and Opportunities
• Revival of Silk Route – Role of India-Kazakhstan
• Indo-Uzbek Socio-Economic Relations
• China-Central Asian Republics
• Eurasian Countries’ Socio-Economic Conditions
• Russian Orthodox Churches
This edition would be of immense help to the students of International Studies and particularly to the scholars studying the policies and systems of Eurasian States

Arun Mohanty Dr ArunMohanty is Professor and former Chairperson of the Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi.



1. The Indo-Russian Strategic Partnership: The Bullwark of a Multipolar World
Sergei Lavrov
2. Pages from the History of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between India and Russia
3. Some Aspects of Regional Security in Central Asia: A Perspective from Kazakhstan YerbulatSeilekhanov
4. Russia and India: Maintaining the Long-Range Vision
Leonid Ivashov
5. CICA and the Contemporary World
6. Greater East Asia and Russia’s Task
Sergey Lounevand ArunMohanty
7. Geopolitics at Work: The Georgia–Russia Conflict
Peter W. Schulze
8. International System: Descending to Chaos or Looking up to New Opportunities?
Kortunov S.V.
9. The Battle for Water in Central Asia and Regional Potential for Cooperation
Stanislav Chernyavsky
10. Contemporary Japan–Central Asia Relations
ElahehKoolaeeand MandanaTishehyar
11. The Silk Route and Kazakhstan: A Historical Perspective
Sattar F. Mazhitov
12. Kazakhstan: A Land of Peace and Prosperity
13. Socio-Economic Development of Uzbekistan and Indo-Uzbek Relations
14. Economic Policy of the State Concerning Small Business: Experience of St. Petersburg VyachislavShavshukov
15. External Energy Policy of Russia
V. N. Kharlamovaand N. A.Philimonova
16. Energy Factor in Geopolitics
Valery Egozaryan
17. The New Silk Route and Chinese interests in Central Asia
Ramakrushna Pradhan
18. Diaspora: The Experience of Indian Diaspora for Russia
Felix Yurlov
19. Generation “Lost” and Generation “Next”: The Two Generations of Russian Youth
Natalia Borozdina
20. Can Eurasian Countries Catch Up with the West?
Sergey Lounev
21. Institutional Developments and Political Practices in Kyrgyzstan
Sumant Kumar Swain
22. The Basic Directions of International Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church
Olga Tserpitskaya



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