Conflict Resolution Imperatives in the South China Sea

G Thanga Rajesh

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China, today, is the focus of discussions due to its actions, particularly in the South China Sea, where territorial disputes have affected the stability of the region. The book contends that China’s actions have not contributed to promoting confidence amongst its smaller neighbours who cannot flex their muscles in any dispute. This is even more relevant in the context of China’s rejection of the award by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The wanton destruction of the marine environment by the dredging of the coral reefs to create artificial islands and build military assets only shows China in a poor light.

While China claims to pursue a “peaceful periphery”, unfortunately, it buttresses its claims in the region by the use of force and coercion, as well as the economic leverage. Its aggressive and assertive behaviour does not evoke confidence that China, which aspires to be the number one power in the world, is moving in the right direction. This monograph aims to examine the contours and compulsions of the related issues to arrive at templates for conflict resolution in the region.

Dr. G. Thanga Rajesh is a Guest Faculty member at the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, University of Madras, Chennai.



Abbreviations and Acronyms




Geographic and Economic Importance of the South China Sea
(a) Natural Resources
(b) Trade and Commerce

Geostrategic Dimensions of the South China Sea Disputes
Major Problems of the South China Sea
(a) Territorial Disputes
(b) Hydro-Terrorism!

Who Are the Stakeholders in the South China Sea?
Whose Property is the South China Sea?
Chronological Record of Events in and Around the South China Sea
Disputes over Islands in the South China Sea
Consequence of China’s Aggressive Posture
Clashes Between China and Vietnam
Clashes Between China and Philippines
Deficiencies in China’s Policy
Implications for China
What can India do Under these Circumstances?
Conclusion: How will These Scenarios End?
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G Thanga Rajesh



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