Asia Annual 2011: Democracy in Asia: Discourses and Counter-Discourses

Priya Singh

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The Asia Annual 2011 focuses on the various aspects of democracy in the Asian context. The chapters in this volume reflect diverse perceptions, adopting an interdisciplinary approach, which enhance the discussions and reveal a plethora of opinions and outlooks. The collection of essays has been arranged primarily in terms of 'regions' (in the geopolitical sense). The volume brings together contributions from leading experts and 'area specialists' who offer special insights and critiques on crucial issues and questions related to the central theme of democracy in their respective 'regions/areas' of specialisation. The intention is to submit an inclusive volume concerning the idea of democracy in Asia. It strives to offer an exhaustive analysis that could prove to be valuable for those who are absorbed in Asian studies. The essays contend with wideranging debates on varied aspects related to the processes of democracy and democratisation from the Asian geopolitical space and contemplate on problems arising from the pressures associated with movements for democracy. The authors in their accounts also raise crucial questions regarding the viability as well as the consequences of external efforts at stimulating democracy and the setting up of imported models of democracy. The inherent emphasis is on both the intrinsic distinctiveness of the regions as well as the considerable commonalities, which inspire comparative analyses in general and in the context of democracy/democratisation in particular.

Priya Singh Priya Singh is a Fellow at the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata. Her area of specialization is West Asia in general, with a special emphasis on Israel Studies. She has published on a wide array of subjects pertaining to the region, including the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israeli society and politics, comparative ethnic relations in the region, nationalism and post nationalism and comparative politics and democracy.



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