Understanding Anand Sahib: The Song of Bliss

Satjit Wadva

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We are born in a state of bliss. Bliss is our birth right. Everything around us is blessed. This world is dancing in ecstasy. It is continuously celebrating the never-ending festival of life. The suns, moons and stars have lit up the stage; the orchestra of trees, plants, and all the vegetation are playing the music and the rivers and mountains, birds and animals are singing the divine song. In such a blissful atmosphere, why is man in misery?

One thing is for sure that Nature did not intend to make you miserable. If you are miserable, it is your doing. If you are sad, it means you are doing something wrong. Your sorrows are not given to you; you create them yourself. What is given to you is bliss which you have forgotten completely.

All misery exists to indicate to you that somewhere you have gone wrong, you have gone off the track. Come back immediately! How? Listen to your body, listen to nature, listen to your inner being. And watch the change; look at the difference it makes; see how you become happier. The secret is: Pause! Stop running! Listen! Stop chattering!

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