Understanding Asa-di-Var: The Morning Prayer

Satjit Wadva

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Asa-di-Var or the song of hope is one of the morning prayers enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib. Composed in Rag Asa, it is sung in the prescribed tune. It is melodious thought. Moving from the mundane to the sublime, it flows like a river, leading you to your destination. It takes you back to yourself to seek within and find the divine residing in your heart.

Its message is loud and clear: The divine is showering blessings unconditionally, all the time. All you need to do is to make sure that your container is clean and empty, and that you keep it right side up. And it tells you how to go about it by shifting the emphasis from ‘doing’ to ‘being’. It is not important what you do but what you are. Therefore, instead of performing rituals and going to places and looking everywhere, just turn inwards and make space in your heart. The divine will fill it up. Open the door and the sunshine will flood your room. It was already there, waiting patiently outside!

Understanding Asa-di-Var is an attempt to decode the words and paraphrase the poetry to state the message of Asa-di-Var, so that when you listen to the musical rendition of it you can let the message sink deep into your heart.

Satjit Wadva



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