Re-imaging the Indus: Mapping Media Reportage in India and Pakistan

Samir Saran and Hans Rasmussen Theting

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Water shortage has become a subject of intense public debate in the present political narrative on resource management and riparian rights. In an attempt to discern the divergence on core issues and mainstream media reporting, Re-imagining the Indus is a methodological study based on Media Content Analysis of the reporting on water issues related to the Indus, in the leading dailies of both India and Pakistan. This monograph seeks to capture the existing discourse and stimulate policy dialogue on the subject.

Samir Saran and Hans Rasmussen Theting Samir Saran is Vice-President at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. His first degree is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is a Masters in Media Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has co-edited a book, BRIC in the New World Order, and a study on Navigating the Near: Non-Traditional Security Threats to India 2022.
Hans Rasmussen Theting is a Masters in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science with experience in International Political Economy, Economic Development Policy and Development Studies. He worked as an intern with Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, while conducting this research.



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