Memories Sweet and Sour

O P Mehra

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Air Chief Marshal O P Mehra in his autobiography shares valuable facets of his life and career. The book graduates from the making of Indian Air Force (IAF) during the British Raj to Independent India.

The journey of the author began in the city of Lahore, now in Pakistan. Born in a large family, O P Mehra did most of his academic studies in Lahore. Soon after graduation, he joined the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF) on the outset of the Second World War. The book expands on his dramatic marriage and life with partner Satya.

From his childhood to the culmination of an eventful career as the Chief of Air Staff, the book contains a wealth of information about people who shaped the nation’s destiny. It reveals interesting shades of the personalities of people like Krishna Menon, Jagjivan Ram, Indira Gandhi and many others, as well as an insight into the decision-making process.

The book will be of interest to defence professionals and historians as well as the general readers interested in dynamic personalities.

O P Mehra At the age of ninety plus, Air Chief Marshal O P Mehra is still involved in service to the community and society, following his life-long motto of “Service Before Self”. Born in 1918, he joined the Air Force in 1940 and after an eventful career, was elevated to the rank of Chief of the Air Staff (CAS). During his career, he held many appointments, including a successful stint leading the Public Sector Undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL).
After his retirement, O P Mehra served as Governor of Maharashtra and subsequently as Governor of Rajasthan.
Now living in New Delhi, he is involved with numerous social service and welfare organisations in which he is rendering yeomen service in an attempt to give back to society what he feels was given to him in good measure. He is also involved in welfare work for the people he worked with throughout his career – the ex-Servicemen and their families.



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