Transformation in Defence Logistics: Trends and Pointers

J V Singh

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This book provides the trends and pointers in the contemporary logistics management in the armed forces of various countries as well as the best business practices obtaining in the civil sector logistics.

J V Singh Group Captain JV Singh joined the Indian Air Force after completing his MSc (Biochemistry)
from Lucknow University. For a brief while he pursued research at the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow. Gp Capt JV Singh was commissioned in the Indian Air Force in June 1978 in the Logistics Branch. During his 31 years of service, he has worked in various capacities in performance of duties of his branch. These include tenures as Senior Logistics Officer of a FBSU and a Wing. He has also been the Chief Logistics Officer at one of the Base Repair Depots. He has done a tenure as a Staff Officer to the Commandant, Air Force Academy. He has also served as Deputy CLMO in one of the Command Headquarters and was Director, Stores at Air HQ RK Puram before joining CAPS.
He has also served as Head of Material Management Group in one of the DRDO Laboratory. He is a graduate of the Defence Services Staff College and has undergone a diploma course at the National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NIIE). He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies.



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