Locating India in the Global Development Assistance Architecture

Uma Purushothaman

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Locating India in the Global Development Assistance Architecture offers a compelling study of India’s evolving role in International Development. This insightful book delves into the intricate web of global development assistance, dissecting India’s unique position within this dynamic landscape.

The narrative unfolds as a nuanced journey through India’s historical and contemporary contributions to global development efforts. From its early years as a recipient of foreign aid to its emergence as a key player in providing assistance to other nations, the book meticulously traces India’s trajectory. The book skillfully examines the motivations and challenges that shape India’s engagement in the global development arena.

The reader is taken on a thought-provoking exploration of India’s partnerships, collaborations, and initiatives, shedding light on the country’s diplomatic strategies and the impact of its development assistance on recipient nations. The book tackles multifarious questions about India’s responsibilities, aspirations, and the evolving nature of global aid.

This timely work not only provides historical context, but also offers insights into the future trajectory of India’s contributions to the global development landscape. This book is an indispensable resource for scholars, policymakers, and anyone seeking a broad understanding of India’s role in shaping the global development narrative.

Uma Purushothaman teaches International Relations at the Central University of Kerala and is a prolific author with several publications in reputable Scopus-indexed journals. Widely quoted, she serves as a Peer Reviewer for esteemed journals including The International Journal of Cultural Policy (Taylor & Francis, UK), India Quarterly (Sage Publications, New Delhi), and The Journal of Eurasian Studies (SAGE). She has over thirty publications and contributes regularly to renowned newspapers as well as platforms. Her expertise covers a diverse range of topics, from US and Russian foreign policies to great power politics, Russia-China relations, India’s foreign policy, and more. As an emerging Indian scholar, she has made substantial contributions in the field of International Relations.



List of Tables and Figures

1. Theorising Foreign Aid
2. Major Donors of Foreign Aid: History, Practices, Policies and Agencies
3. India as a Recipient of Aid
4. India’s Development Cooperation Programme: History, Drivers, Institutional Framework
5. India’s Development Cooperation: A Case Study of Afghanistan
6. Conclusions and Policy Recommendations




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