Wings of Joy

AV Vaidya

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The book is about the aspirations of a young boy who joins the National Defence Academy to enjoy the thrills of fighter flying. It describes the rigours of training at the Academy and subsequently the flying training. It tries to put in words the exhilarating feeling of immense joy which he experiences while flying all alone in the blue skies over mountains, through valleys and over blue waters. His experiences during the war, the camaraderie which he enjoys in the squadron life, his stay in a foreign country during deputation abroad, the excellent training that he gets during various professional courses have been narrated in detail. The book is a vivid account of his fascinating and exciting life as a fighter pilot. A must read for a youngster who aspires to join this most thrilling profession.

AV Vaidya Air Marshal AV Vaidya was born on 21 February 1948. After completing his training at the National Defence Academy, he was commissioned in the fighter stream of the Indian Air Force in December 1968. During his career, he has flown a variety of fighter aircraft including the Mirage-2000 and the latest Sukhoi-30. He has held many important appointments in Air HQ and was awarded the Vayu Sena Medal for his distinguished service in 1990.



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