Guide to Effective Military Writing

William A Mcintosh

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With the advent of the Internet, service members are writing more than ever. But are they writing effectively and persuasively? Many are not. This revised, updated edition provides the basics of correct and effective military communication, with emphasis on substance, organization of content, and style, along with editing techniques and military and civilian formats. A concise, easy-to-use guide to efficient communication teaches every writer what he or she should know about the English language.

William A Mcintosh



Part 1: Guidelines for Military Writing

1 Writing in the Military
2 A Standard for Military Writing
3 When to Write
4 Substance
5 Organization
6 Style
7 Correctness
8 Military Formats
9 Briefing and Oral Presentation
10 General Formats
11 Argument
12 Editing Techniques

Part II: A Checklist of Grammar, Usage and MechanicsIndex



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