Perspectives for India: Defence Cooperation in South Asia

Brigadier Mandeep Singh (Retd)

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Defence Cooperation is the pinnacle of Strategic Relationship between any two countries. Synergy between economic, diplomatic, and military cooperation is required to achieve national objectives. Indian Armed Forces are amongst the largest in the world and recognised professionally with well-established institutions. It is, therefore, only prudent that we use them to our advantage even during peace time. While India has undertaken Defence Cooperation in the South Asian Region for many years, it may fall short of a well-coordinated effort. The challenges associated with Defence Cooperation by India in South Asia need an appraisal. An important aspect that is required to be analysed is as to what should be the optimum policy of India for Defence Cooperation in South Asia.

This book provides a holistic approach towards identifying and analysing our approach towards Defence Cooperation with respect to South Asian nations. It explores the rationale and need for India to engage South Asian Countries for Defence Cooperation. Thereafter it goes on to identify the perceived shortcomings of our methodology of Defence Cooperation in the Region. Based on above it goes further and explores and evolves a policy for engaging with South Asian Countries for Defence Cooperation as also works out macro level mechanisms and structures in the Government and the Service Headquarters for pragmatic defence cooperation. The book is a wholesome and interesting treatise which is engrossing, incisive and offers useful recommendations which could be adopted towards wholesome defence cooperation in the South Asian Region.

Brigadier Mandeep Singh (Retd) was commissioned into the Indian Army in 1981. He has held several important command and staff appointments during his military service including instructional assignments in the prestigious Army War College. He has also had a stint as an instructor in a foreign War College. He has served in strife torn areas in Africa as a Military Observer with the United Nations where he interacted with personnel from several armies under the UN umbrella. Taking a keen interest in strategic affairs, international relations, and military diplomacy, he has put across his ideas in several professional journals. After retirement from the Army in 2018, he has also held important key assignments in the corporate world. He thus has a sound understanding of various aspects contributing to overall national power.


Tables, Figures and Maps

1. Defence Cooperation Defined
2. Why Defence Cooperation with South Asian Countries?
3. Present Mode of Defence Cooperation and its Shortcomings
4. Defence Cooperation Models in Usa and China
5. Suggested Model
6. Suggested Mechanisms for India



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