Pandemic Perspectives: Praxis, Policy and Pedagogies

Edited by: Sandra Joseph | Reena Marwah

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The book elucidates and navigates the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic which engulfed nations across the globe since early 2020. With millions of lives and livelihoods demolished, the world experienced this blackswan event which further triggered several other crises, the remnants of which promise to last for decades. The book hosts a variety of perspectives within economic, social and development research studies, situating impacts and learnings from the pandemic providing the reader with contemporary and useful information.

The motivation emerged from a felt need for academicians and practitioners to disseminate knowledge on the impacts of the pandemic in the disciplines of sociology, economics, polity, philosophy, business, et al. The book:

• Presents a unique blend of experiences from evidence-based research and policy prescriptions for developing economies.
• Critiques the system of disease surveillance and waste management.
• Asserts the importance of an interface between social epistemology and epidemiology.
• Defines a vision for India’s development undergirded by democratic, inclusive principles.
• Mirrors the issues related to digitisation, marginalisation, government regulations as well as health systems.
• Provides original ideas and new knowledge for drawing up pedagogies and innovative methodologies suitable for higher education.

Edited by: Sandra Joseph | Reena Marwah

Prof. Sandra Joseph is the Principal of Jesus and Mary College. Her contribution focuses on domains of Gender, Health and Higher Education. She has to her credit several funded action-research projects, publications in national/international journals and chapters in books and periodicals. She serves as an advisor to NGOs and has been a member on the Editorial Boards for two International refereed journals titled Illness, Crisis and Loss, Baywood Publishing Company, UK and Critical and Radical Social Work, Policy Press, UK.

Prof. Reena Marwah teaches in the department of Commerce, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi. In addition to several chapters and articles published in books/journals, she has published over 20 books including India-Vietnam Relations: Development Dynamics and Strategic Alignment (2022) published by Springer Nature, Singapore. She is the founding editor of Millennial Asia, a Scopus Journal and has undertaken several national and international consultancy projects with the World Bank, UN Women and ICSSR, India.


Editors and Contributors

1. Pandemic Perspectives
Ideas for Transformation, Rebuilding Human Capital and Pedagogies for Higher Education
Sandra Joseph & Reena Marwah

SECTION A: The COVID-19 Pandemic

2. (Un)Knowability of a Disease
Disease Surveillance from the “Spanish Flu” to “Corona” Outbreak
Maya John

3. Social Science Research in the Times of COVID-19
Examining the Digital Alternatives
Nivedita Ghosh, Anuradha Sharma & Amrita Sastry

4. Philosophical Inquiry into COVID-19 and its Gender Perspective
Ghazala Rizvi

SECTION B: Sector Specific Impacts and Insights

5. Public Health Framework: Prevention against COVID-19 in India
Traditional Knowledge, Awareness, Attitudes, and Behaviour-based Perspectives
Divya Agarwal, Manish Kaushik & Anil K. Gupta

6. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and the Pandemic
Exploring Potential and Possibilities
Reena Marwah, Anshi Goel & Vrinda Moda

7. Bio-Medical Waste and COVID-19 Pandemic
A State-wise Analysis
Mercykutty Jacob, Megha Jacob, Nicole Srishti Basile & Sanaa Munjal

8. Impact of COVID-19 on Brick-and-Mortar Retail and the Future Ahead
Shweta Paradkar & Monica Rani

9. Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Market Behaviour of Selected Asian Economies
Anshi Goel, Renu Gupta & Priyanka Marwah

SECTION C: Case Studies

10. The Role of Women’s Leadership in Community Centric Initiatives for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kerala
Sushila Ramaswamy

11. COVID-19 and the Changing Trends in CSR
Dilemmas of Persons with Disability in India
Reshma Jose

12. Non-biodegradability of Caste
Waste Pickers and Policy in Delhi during COVID-19
Ishita Singh & Shalaka

13. Exploring Oral Narratives in Times of COVID-19
A Case Study of Adivasi-Bodo Conflict in Assam
Bipasha R. Lakra

14. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Education and Economic Stability of the Students
Shalini Srivastava, Jasmin & Akanksha Aggarwal

15. Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Psychological and Physical Health of College Students
Sneh Kapoor, Isha Mishra & Jasmin



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