Pramod K. Gupta

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Pramod Kumar Gupta, an exemplary officer of the Indian Revenue Service and a former CEO of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India tells his story—his escaping death, convalescence, changing responses of friends and the will to live life.

He chronicles the story of recovering from a haemorrhagic stroke that incapacitated him for months. His story is about a strong will to survive and live life again. It is a book for the survivors and for those who want to live stronger after an unprecedented adversity. “And Living Again” is both a memoir and an autofiction.

Gupta tells you about the devastating impact of the stroke, reflects upon the healthcare system in the country, and how the sheer will to live life with human dignity makes all the difference in one’s chances of survival. He writes about what happened, and at the same time, conveys the message “that which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.” This book is a reflection on changing relationships. It is a narrative of the Indian Revenue Service as experienced by Gupta. It also contains the author’s view on the Indian Civil Services and the healthcare industry.

The book enumerates the bliss flowing from a loving spouse and an empathetic family. It reflects on the substantial impact of a nurturing father during adolescence that helped the author intellectually in adulthood. And finally, it is about heartfelt gratitude for those who stay with you in difficult moments of life.

Pramod K. Gupta has been an officer of the Indian Revenue Service (1984 batch). After his superannuation as a Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax in October, 2019 he functioned as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Director General of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India. He suffered a haemorrhagic stroke in April, 2021. It has been a near-death experience for him. The book ‘And Living Again’ is substantially in the nature of a memoir. It, however, also contains his views on the Civil Services, the IRS of which he was a part for 35 years and the state of the medical profession in India. Although he has always loved writing, this is his first book. Another book by him with the title ‘Avyakta’ () which is a collection of poems in Hindi has been published simultaneously.


1. Near-death
2. Who Are Friends
3. Remembering My Father–Babuji
4. Mridula
5. The Family
6. The Indian Revenue Service–35 years
7. UPSC, IAS & Other Civil Services
8. Medical Profession in India; Need for Basic Changes
9. Gitanjali
10. Musings
11. Convalescence



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