Asian Defence Review 2022
Diplomacy in Turmoil: A Year of Turbulence

Air Marshal Anil Chopra (ed.)

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Asian region in the year gone by, in addition to second wave of Covid-19, faced multiple challenges in almost every field, ranging from political disruption, economic crisis, return of Taliban to power and diplomatic uncertainty associated with it. The events ranged at one end from changing dimensions of India-China military standoff, military coup in Malaysia, and US withdrawal from Afghanistan to events like vaccine diplomacy, medical aid collaboration, cyber security and sharing of critical resources for economic growth in the region. Keeping pace with the rapid development of events in the region and resulting instability, Asian Defence Review (ADR) 2022 is focusing on impact of these events on relations amongst the neighbouring nations of the region. This issue of the ADR covers the theme “Diplomacy in Turmoil: A Year of Turbulence” divided into three sections. The first section focuses on the major quests for military pre-dominance and geo-economic competition; the second section traces the factors that defined-redefined the geopolitical forces in Asia; and the third section analyzes the diplomatic sway amidst the turmoil in the region. Effectively we cover the entire regional arc from West Asia to Indo-Pacific, emerging global concern, and the outlook for future.

Air Marshal Anil Chopra (ed.)


Air Marshal Anil Chopra PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM (Retd), is a fighter pilot, test pilot, and a pioneer of the Mirage-2000 fleet, who has commanded a Mirage 2000 Squadron and the Flight Test Centre, Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE) of the Indian Air Force (IAF). He was the Team Leader of the MiG 21 Bison Upgrade project in Russia, and has commanded operational air bases in both the Western and Eastern Sectors. He was the recipient of four Presidential awards and the Gandhi Family Peace Medal for his work in J&K. An avid writer, Air Marshal Chopra has more than 600 articles published in various magazines, newspapers and books.


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1. Ambitious Xi Jinping: Curbing Dissent and Antagonising the World
Anil Chopra

2. Military Power Play Amidst the Changing Regional Dynamics
SP Singh

3. Tracking the Current Trends of Modern Chinese Weapons
Amitabh Mathur

4. IAF as a Force Multiplier in Collaboration: The Quest for Dominance
Anil Golani

5. Geo-economics of Artificial Islands in the South China Sea: A China-Vietnam Case Study
Neha Mishra

6. Health Diplomacy Amid the Pandemic Crisis: India ’s Opportunity for Leadership
Mahima Duggal

7. On the Fly: Israeli Air Power and India’s Options
Anu Sharma

8. China’s Nuclear Missile Modernisation from 2010 to 2020 and Implications for India

9. OTH Radar: A Necessity for the Indian Skies
Swaim Prakash Singh

10. Democracy—At the Crossroads

11. India-South East Asia Security Cooperation

12. The Resurgence of Taliban Post 9/11
Mohit Sharma

13. Taliban Takeover: Emerging Dynamics in Central Asia
Poonam Mann

14. Is India’s ‘Net Security Provider’ Status in the Indian Ocean Region Shrinking?
Joshy M Paul



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