Songs of Soma Transcreations of Vedic Hymns

Maj Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi

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Soma is the most mystical and magical riddle of the Vedas. It is said to be the elixir of Joy and ecstasy – the honey – wine of bliss. It inspires great creativity and deep mystical insights. It moves the tongue to song. It made the Vedic seers so creative and prolific in their output of mystical verses inspired by Soma. Soma is also said to lengthen out the human life spans. It is the elixir of immortality – the fabled fountain of eternal youth. The fire bursts of Soma give incredible courage and heroism to the warriors in the battlefields. They take away all fear of death and pain.

It was deified as a Deva – a god in the Vedic pantheon. The entire 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda is devoted to this magical Soma. Descriptions in the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda (that is entirely devoted to Soma) suggest that it was a psychotropic plant of great power. A plant that could bend the mind and lead to altered states of conciousness. It was the favourite drink of the gods and used as sacrament in the Vedic fire sacrifices The later Atharva Veda and the Upanishads however, make no reference to psychtropic plants. Soma they felt was entirely endogenous – produced by the human body and mind itself and no Exogenic substances were involved. It was the deep silence of the forest and the depth of meditation that produced Soma and its mystical insights. That ecstasy came from within. The Inebriation with the devine elixir of Soma has resulted in the most elegant and mystic poetry ever composed by man. What follows in this book are the inspired Songs of Soma which I have personally experienced. Instead of attempting to translate the original Rig Vedic verses devoted to Soma, what I have attempted instead are trans-creations. These avoid the mere intellectual exercise of literal translations of verses that were originally highly inspired. Such mere translations cannot capture their essence or the joy and bliss that the Vedic sages described as madhudharas – streams of sweetness and honey – of joy and bliss.

Maj Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi is a combat veteran with considerable experience in Kargil, Kishtwar and Rajouri sectors of J&K. He is a renowned military historian and a prolific writer who has written over 41 books. He is India’s most popular commentator on TV on matters of military.


• Core Mystical Experience
• Vedic Meta Concept of Soma
• Soma: Endgoneous or Exogenous Phenomenon?


Transcreations of Vedic Verses to Soma

• Soma Sire of the Gods
• Song of Praise
• That Sun
• Somas Royal Robe
• Soma Songs
• Soma Moves My Tongue to Song
• Jewels of Soma
• Liquid Light
• Moonlight Paves My Path
• Soma – Mighty Bull
• Soma is Valour
• Sun Rays and Soma
• That Sun
• Soma Sap
• Milk of My Mind
• Soma Blossoms
• The Shining Ones
• Pushann
• Stallions of Soma
• Lovers of the Earth
• Mushroom Medows
• White Cormorant
• Silent Stallions
• The Earth has Spawned
• Shamans of the Golden Gate
• Psilocybin
• The Ascent
• Ayahuasca
• Meru Lies Inside My Head
• The Secret of the Ascent
• Two Kinds of Soma
• Soma Sire of the Gods
• Jewels of Soma
• With Soma Gone
• Dark Night of the Soul
• I Ask Dear Lord
• The Search for Soma
• Burning Embers
• Shamans Prophecy
• Journeys to Xtilan
• Symbolic Journeys
• Hoof Beats Echo From Star to Star
• Talks with the Void
• Voyage of Light and Ecstasy
• Sing for that Drop

The Soma of Seeing

• I did not Meditate
• I See Therefore I Am
• Prophets of New Age
• Beyond the Pair of Opposites
• Like-Dislike
• Repeat that Refrain
• A New Way
• The Greatest Meditation
• Shepherd of Joy
• The Clouds of Joy
• You My Son
• Soma Knower of the Essence
• Soma: Happy Tinkling River
• Speak to us Then of Soma
• Joy Above and Joy Below
• Homa to the River of Soma
• Listen
• Joy Supreme
• The Bees Hum
• Hum of the Honey Bees
• Drunken Dance of the Drinkers of Honey
• A Meal of Momos
• I am the Food
• Soma Makes the Eagles Fly
• Soma in the Breeze
• River of Joy
• Meditations on the Waterfall
• The Deer Trembles
• What Really Shall I Think?
• Flash of Lightening
• That Clarity
• Shining Herds of Light
• Drenched in Dew
• At Dawn We Drink the Dew
• What then is Soma?
• You Want to Live on Forever?
• I Ask You

The Grace that Flows into Me



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