Chinese Strategic Culture

Pavan Ragavendra, Subramanyam Sridharan and Balasubramanian C

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Pavan Ragavendra, Subramanyam Sridharan and Balasubramanian C

PavanRaghavendra worked as a Research Intern at the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S). He completed his B.A (Research) in International Relations from Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida. As part of Bachelor’s degree his thesis was on “Civil-Military Relations in the XI Jinping Era: Building Professionalism of the PLA with Chinese Characteristics”. His areas of interest include Security Studies, Science and Technology in International Relations, Civil-Military Relations, the Chinese PLA, and Chinese Foreign Policy.

SubramanyamSridharan is a Computer Scientist by education and profession. He served in technical positions in one of the leading IT companies abroad before returning to India to head some of the divisions of the same company from India. He has been a keen observer of international relations for nearly three decades being also an administrator for an internet-based forum that discusses India’s strategic security. He has interests in Indian foreign policy and closely follows events in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.

Balasubramanian C is a PhD scholar working on Sino-Russia Relations in the changing world order as his primary topic of research. He holds a post graduate in Public Administration. A columnist with regular contributions for the Diplomatist, The Geopolitics among several others. His areas of interest include China’s Foreign Policy, India’s Foreign Policy including Neighbourhood& Maritime Affairs. His expertise lies in topics ranging from Science & Technology in China, Geo-economics & Statecraft, Indo- Pacific Affairs among others. He is also an Editor &ompiler of fortnightly newsletter ‘China Watch’ and has spoken/presented at various fora on strategic affairs.


Chinese Strategic Culture: Exploring the Underpinnings of Chinese Policymaking

• Abstract
• Introduction
• Central Themes of Chinese Strategic Thought and Foreign Policy
• The Establishment of Order
• The Consolidation and Projection of Power
• Chinese Leadership and the Construction of Spheres of Influence
• Implications for Indian Foreign Policy
• Notes
• Chinese Strategic Culture: The ‘Chinese Characteristics’ that Shape China’s International Relationship
• A Background
• Components of Chinese Characteristics
• Heavenly Mandate
• Middle Kingdom
• Strategic Culture
• Single Central Leadership
• Confucianism
• Lessons from the ‘Century of Humiliation’
• Conclusion
• Notes
• Reading the Tea Leaves: Chinese Strategic ThoughtChinese Strategic Thought
• Confucianism
• Ying Yang Juxtaposition
• Self-Conception
• China Today
• References



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