Revisiting India-East Asia Connections: Problems and Prospects

Dr. Sandeep Kaur

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Two key pillars of India’s present foreign policy i.e. ‘Neighbourhood First’ and ‘Act East’ have strong geostrategic and geo-economic relevance in the modern capitalism. In view of this, the present book aims to reinvigorate the geostrategic and geo-economic connections of India with Asia. This book is an outcome of Indian Council of World Affairs sponsored National Conference ‘Revisiting India-East Asia Connections: Problems and Prospects’ held on 7-8 March 2019 at the Department of Economic Studies, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. The book is divided into four parts: Building Diaspora, Infrastructure and Connections in India-East Asia Relations, Evaluating Role of China in India-East Asia Connections, Measuring Value Chain and Trade Relations in India-East Asia and Building Economic Relations in India-East Asia. Further, the book disseminates knowledge and information on the various themes particularly Indian diaspora, maritime cooperation, global value chain, etc.

Dr. Sandeep Kaur is Associate Professor and Head in the Department of Economic Studies at the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India. She owns eclectic research and teaching experience essentially in the fields of International Economics, Environmental Degradation, and Political Economy. She has done ample research on trade (both merchandise and services) on Asian economies with special mastery and prowess on ‘Gravity Model of Trade’. Apart from that Dr. Kaur has published 30 papers in renowned journals both at national and international level. Besides this she is a real cosmopolitan: she got Indo-Canadian Shastri Travel Grant 2012 and attended many international conferences at Denmark, Canada and Bangladesh. She successfully completed about four research projects on current emerging issues on thermal power generation, tourism services, regional trade blocks and land acquisition for developmental projects. Moreover, she owns lifetime membership in the Indian Association for Research in National Income and Wealth.





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Inaugural Remarks by Rajaram Panda

Valedictory Address by D.K. Madaan


Sandeep Kaur

PART I: Building Diaspora, Infrastructure and Connections in India-East Asia Relations

1. Indian Diaspora in Thailand: Cementing Historical and Cultural Relations
Reena Marwah

2. India’s Coverage on Connectivity Corridor with Southeast Asia

3. Trans Asia Connectivity and Economic Corridors: Sustainable Financing for Economic Development
Muhammad AyubMehar

PART II: Evaluating Role of China in India-East Asia Connections

4. India-China Maritime Cooperation: Avoiding Nuclear Rivalries
Rajesh Kumar

5. Sources of China’s Export Growth: A Constant Market Share Analysis
Kulwinder Singh, Ajay Ranga& Rajiv Kumar

6. An Analysis of India’s Exports Instability to China
Surinder Kumar Singla

7. An Analysis of Chinese Perspectives on Indian: “Look East Policy”

PART III: Measuring Value Chain and Trade Relations in India-East Asia

8. India’s Participation in Global Value Chain with Selected East Asian Countries: Exploring the Facts
Sandeep Kaur, Manpreet Kaur & Harpreet Singh

9. External Barriers to India’s Agricultural Exports during WTO Regime
Manpreet Singh &Paramjit Nanda

10. Measuring the Concentration of India-East Asia Trade

11. Export Diversification and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Some Selected Emerging Economies
Vishal Sarin & Naveen Sood

12. India and ASEAN Trade Relations: An Empirical Analysis
Kuldeep Singh &Jaskiran Kaur

PART IV: Building Economic Relations in India-East Asia

13. Knowledge Economy, Institutions and Public Policy: The Case of East Asia and South Asian Economies
Baldev Singh Shergill

14. Capital Goods Industry in East Asia: A Study of Indian Firms
Swarnjeet Kaur & Swati Mehta

15. Relationship between FDI Outflows and Economic Growth: Evidence from Developing Asia
Vishal Sarin & Suresh Kumar



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