The Great Game in the Indo-Pacific: A Pivot to India

Editor: Air Marshal Anil Chopra | Associate Editors: Air Commodore Savinder Pal Singh | Mahima Duggal

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This book presents a comprehensive overview of the Indo-Pacific region by assessing the complex and intricate geopolitics and strategic overtures in the region, with a particular focus on their implications for India.

Unique in its approach, this book is comprehensive and future-oriented. It brings together the vast and diverse sub-themes on the Indo-Pacific while placing India at the center and mapping its prospects in the road ahead. Not only is the Indo-Pacific a pivotal part of India’s foreign policy, but New Delhi’s role in the Indo-Pacific theatre is considered crucial by regional and international stakeholders. The compilation of chapters by distinguished experts and scholars explores three key themes: India’s emerging power and the rise of the Indo-Pacific, India as a critical link in the Quad diamond, and India’s connection with actors beyond the Quad. Through these themes, the book provides a multidisciplinary and multinational approach to the India’s role in the strategic regional landscape, with a focus on security through a discussion of India’s air and naval strategies to respond to the growing flux in the region.

Offering a timely insight into India’s position and posture in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as its future trajectory, this book will be a valuable resource for India’s military and strategic community, as well as international audiences looking as India’s growing role in the region and beyond.

Editor: Air Marshal Anil Chopra | Associate Editors: Air Commodore Savinder Pal Singh | Mahima Duggal


Air Marshal Anil Chopra, PVSM, AVSM, VM, VSM (Retd) was a fighter pilot, test pilot, and a pioneer of the Mirage-2000 fleet. He commanded a Mirage-2000 Squadron and the Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE). He was the Team Leader of the MiG-21 Bison upgrade project in Russia. He has commanded operational air bases in both the Western and Eastern Sectors. He was head of the IAF in J&K, and head of the inspections of the IAF. He retired as Air Officer Personnel. He has been a member of the Armed Forces Tribunal, and a member of the Executive Council of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). An avid writer and author. Currently, he is Director General, Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), New Delhi.


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Part I: India’s Emerging Power and the Rise of the Indo-Pacific

1. US-China Strategic Competition in Indo-Pacific
Anil Chopra

2. India and the Western Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities
Joshy M Paul

3. Contest on the Waterfront: Limitations and Aspirations of India’s Naval Strategy
Anil Jai Singh

4. Changing Balance of Air Power in the Indo-Pacific
Savinder Pal Singh

Part II: India: A Critical Link in the Quad Diamond

5. India-Japan Security Partnership: Convergence of Ideas, Interests and Strategies
Shamshad A. Khan

6. Accelerating India-Australia Cooperation for a Secure and Prosperous Indo-Pacific
Peter Layton

7. The US’ Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Role of India
Stuti Banerjee

8. The Strategic Imperatives of the Quad: Prospects for the Future
Hina Pandey

Part III: Moving Beyond the Quad

9. India-ASEAN Geoeconomic Engagement in the Indo-Pacific: Potential Role of Rare Earth Elements
Neha Mishra

10. Tracing the Connection: Indo-Pacific and Persian Gulf in India’s Maritime Strategy
Anu Sharma

11. Taiwan-India Security Cooperation in the New Indo-Pacific Order
MrittikaGuha Sarkar

12. Exploring an Indo-Russian Congruence in the Indo-Pacific
Rajorshi Roy

13. Europe’s Interest in the Indo-Pacific and the Rise of Aukus
Mahima Duggal

14. Making Capital of Quad Plus
Jagannath Panda

Mahima Duggal

Editors and Contributors




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