Probable Sino-Russia Military Pact: Implications for India

Commodore SL Deshmukh, NM (Retd.)

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Franklin D Roosevelt had said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” An analysis of classic Sino-Russia relationship would prove the point.

There is talk now about the “China-Russia” Military Pact. Given the status of current Indo-China relations and Russia’s dilemma about its bilateral relations with India and China, the probable “Sino-Russia Military Pact” should be a matter of concern for India, considering its unavoidable impact.

The issues related to Indo-Sino-Russian relations, in their own sphere, are quite complex. Keeping that complexity in mind, the impact of India’s multi-dimensional relationship with other countries—especially the USA and the formation of QUAD (India-Australia-Japan-USA) would also be an important factor for consideration. Thus, a broad level analysis of all the aspects mentioned above would be essential to arrive at a conclusion, having the semblance of reality.

The monograph analyse Sino-Russia Military Strategies, their common thread, India’s multipronged relationships with other countries, Implications of Sino-Russia Pact on India and evaluate measures India could take to safeguard its own national interests.

Commodore SL Deshmukh, NM (Retd.) has served in the Indian Navy for 32 years. His educational qualifications include BE (Mech), MSc (Def Sc), PGDM (Gold Medallist). He holds a qualification both in Marine & Aviation fields. He served on-board ships and aircraft carriers. He is a specialist in the maintenance of Fighter aircraft and Anti Submarines Warfare Helicopters. He is alumni of Defence Services Staff College (Wellington, Nilgiris).






1. China and Russia Military Strategies and Common Thread
2. Sino-Russia Strategic Partnership and Probability of Joint Military Pact
3. Implications for India
4. Assessment of Impact
5. Conclusion and Recommendations





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