Achievements of the Sikhs

Didar Singh Bindra

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Sikhs have played A Pivotal Role

The book showcases the achievements of a remarkable Sikh Community which includes political, business and professional leaders, in addition to highly decorated valiant soldiers, those who fought and lost their lives to over throw the yoke of British rule for the independence of the country.

The book portrays significant part of the Sikh history including the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the Sikh Empire. The book also tells the story of the exceptional people of the Community who have achieved great success in various fields across the vide spectrum. More than ninety photographs makes the book a visual delight.

The book is a tribute to theglory and grandeur of the Sikh Community.

Didar Singh Bindra was born in September 1930 in a remote village Devi, in Rawalpindi district now in Pakistan. After obtaining a Master Degree in Business Management and Industrial Relations, he served in a multinational company in Bombay and thereafter joined a multinational company in Japan.

Bindra relocated himself in India as an Industrialist and was Chairman-cum-Managing Director of a company listed on Stock Exchange. At the age of 75, he retired from active business and disinvested his entire share holding in the company.

The book — Achievements of the Sikhs — has been written to showcase the achievements of exceptional people of the community across the vide spectrum out of personal pride.


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CHAPTER ONE: Sikhs: A Community Proud of its Religious Identity and Traditions

CHAPTER TWO: Creating Sikh Empire

CHAPTER THREE: A Kingdom and its Ruler Stolen: Maharaja Dalip Singh

CHAPTER FOUR: Sikhs a Martial Race They Carved Their Place in India’s History

CHAPTER FIVE: Sikhs: Who Excelled on the National and International Stage

CHAPTER SIX: Corrections on History’s Pages: It was the Anglo-Sikh war that was the War for Independence

CHAPTER SEVEN: How Sikh Traditions are Intrinsic to the Sikh Way of Life



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